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The Ballpoint Pen

The Ballpoint Pen

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The Ballpoint Pen

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  1. The Ballpoint Pen By Paul Dini

  2. Menu When Was It Made? Who Made It? How Has It Affected Lives? How Does It Work? Bibliography

  3. When Was The Ballpoint Made? The Ballpoint pen was made in 1938. It was created by Laszlo Biro. He noticed that the ink used in the news paper was able to be used without it drying. He only needed to figure out a way to make it so that you could carry it around. After all of the time he thought about it, he finely came up with the idea of making this invention. At first he had it were you would take this bottle of the ink and dip the tip of a glass and metal stick like feather. The only thing is that you had to keep dipping the pen back in to the bottle. So then another man came along, took the idea and mad it so that the pen could suck up the ink out of the bottle.

  4. Who Made It? The creator of the ballpoint pen was Laszlo Biro. Biro was born in Budapest in the year of 1899. Laszlo was a journalist, and one time when he was working on an article and noticed that the ink on the papers would dry fast. So he then tried to find out a way that he could have the ink able to be on different paper, besides the newspaper. That is when Laszlo wonted to try and make something that would change his life forever. As it turned out, his invention did change his life forever.

  5. How Has It Affected Lives? The ballpoint pen has affected our lives in many different ways. For one it now allows us to use ink in other places other then the papers. It lets us have an inerasable substance that we can use to write with. Then again the pen has also made some things harder about our lives. One of these things is that if you mess up on something you cant erase it, because the ink I the pens is inerasable.

  6. How Does It Work? The ballpoint pen has its own way of working. There is a very small ball in the tip that the ink comes out. The ball spins when you move the pen back and forth. All of the ink that is in the pen slides to the front (were the ball is). So as the ball is rolling it picks up some ink and puts it on the paper. The ink is sticky enough that it will set on the paper as it rolls by.

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