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GemLab The Real Certified Gemstone Natural Gemstone

Gemlab the Real Certified Gemstones Get Certificated Gemstones, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Hessonite , Cat's Eye, Diamond in wholesale Prices http://Gemlab.co.in

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GemLab The Real Certified Gemstone Natural Gemstone

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  1. GemLab Laboratories The Real Certified Gemstone http://Gemlab.co.in

  2. GemLab Laboratories Gemlab the Real Certified Gemstones We are a B2B company, providing Best deals in certified Precious Gemstones to more than 1000 Authorized Outlets Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Hessonite , Cat's Eye.

  3. Ruby Manik Gemstone Manikya or Ruby, the rarest of gemstones, is a Red Sapphire and often regarded as the king of gems. Manikya or Ruby balances Surya (Sun). Surya represents the king of the solar system in Jyotish. It also represents Authority, Power, Self, Father, Body and Health

  4. BLUE SAPPHIRE Neelam Gemstone Blue Sapphire is known for its striking lustre and color which range from light to very dark blue. Blue Sapphires are one of the most highly prized of the corundum species. Blue sapphire is the gem of Saturn that is worn to remove the evil effects of Saturn.Neelam in combination of other stones helps to cure and fight bone cancer, kidney trouble, nerve disease and paralysis.

  5. YELLOW SAPPHIRE Pushkaraj Gemstone Yellow Sapphire harmonizes and benefits Guru or Jupiter, the largest graha (planet) in the solar system. It signifies Knowledge, Wisdom, Virtue, Fortune, Justice, Education, Future, Religion, Philosophy, Devotion, Children, Distant Travel, Spirituality, Truthfulness, Prosperity and Charity. Guru is the major instructor or teacher and influences action with the highest order and balance.

  6. PEARL - Moti Gemstone Pearl is the most valued of the organic gems. A Pearl is a very special and exclusive gift of nature considered universally as the oldest known gem. it is the stone to enhance the powers of moon which in turns signifies mother, softness, generosity, charming eyes, steady mind, menses, infants, love, breasts, family family life, beauty, watery places and passions, conception and birth of child

  7. Red Coral Moonga Gemstone Moonga or Coral is an organic gem that comes from reefs and atolls. The most valued Coral is the noble red Coral seen here (Corallium rubrum).Red coral is used to improve mars. Mars has sudden, explosive and disruptive powers. It is also significator of brothers, courage, energy, ambitions, desires and self confidence. It is responsible for accidents, cuts, wounds and operations.

  8. Emerald Panna Gemstone Emeralds are known by their distinctive green color and can vary from light to dark green. Emerald harmonizes and strengthens the Positive Influences of Budha or Mercury. These influences include Intelligence, Education, Speech, Teaching, Learning, Communication, Confidence, Writing, Drawing, Trade, Humour, Wit, Discrimination, Diplomacy, Intellect and Commerce. Budha or Mercury is the Prince in Jyotish and is influenced by Surya and Chandra.

  9. Hessonite Gomed Gemstone Gomedhaka / Gomedh or Hessonite is a variety of grossular garnet. It has good lustre and looks transparent. The color is brownish-orange and is often called Cinnamon Stone. Gomed is cold in nature and it helps to cure the diseases of Rahu and Saturn. It also helps to improve gastric problems, appetite and vitality. It confers native good health, wealth and happiness. It helps the person in all round prosperity.

  10. Cat's Eye Lehsuniya Gemstone Cat's Eye is the name given to the variety of chrysoberyl which beautifully displays the phenomenon of chatoyancy.Cat' eye in combination with other stones helps you cure blood cancer, gland cancer, bone cancer, mouth cancer. Again it helps to cure paralysis, cancer, asthma, fainting fits skin diseases, mental worries, insanity etc. again people suffering from unexpected fears and tensions can get great relief after wearing cat’s eye with Jupiter.

  11. GemLab Laboratories For any inquiry Regarding Gemstones, Yellow sapphire, Blue sapphire, Ruby, Red Coral, Hessonite, Cat's Eye, Pearl Athttp://Gemlab.co.inContact@Gemlab.co.inTel: 0124 469 6932 FAX: 0124 469 6970

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