activities in puerto rico what is there to do n.
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Activities in Puerto Rico what is there to do? PowerPoint Presentation
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Activities in Puerto Rico what is there to do?

Activities in Puerto Rico what is there to do?

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Activities in Puerto Rico what is there to do?

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  1. Activities in Puerto Ricowhat is there to do?

  2. There are many things to do.. • Puerto Rico is full of many things to do, but first you have to think of what is it that you want to do. • There are beaches, festivals, church tours, and walking tours. • So find out what you are in the mood for and have FUN!!

  3. Beaches in Puerto Rico • Puerto Rico is best known for its beautiful beaches • There are many beaches that align the country’s borders • They have beautiful white sand and clear water **pictures from **

  4. Festivals in Puerto Rico • If you travel to Puerto Rico at the right time, you may get to see one of its many festivals or the festival put on just for tourists. • The Lelolai Festival is offered throughout the year and exposes tourists to the wonderful culture and music of Puerto Rico. It is a blend of Spanish, Indian, and African Traditions. It has been put on for more than 25 years. ** pictures from**

  5. Church Tours in Puerto Rico • Puerto Rico’s streets are aligned with gorgeous cathedrals. • They are many centuries old and are open to tourists to come and in and see. And don’t forget your camera!! • There are tours offered daily by tour guides. So you can learn and explore the history of the churches. **pictures from**

  6. Walking Tours in Puerto Rico • With such beautiful scenery, how can Puerto Rico not be a place to explore? • Puerto Rico has many guided walking tours set up for tourists. • The most popular tour is through old San Juan. **pictures from

  7. The Bacardi Rum Factory of Puerto Rico • And for those of you who need a little treat while in Puerto Rico, you can visit the Bacardi Rum Factory. • This factory is the largest in the world and is located 15 minutes from San Juan. • It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Puerto Rico. • Visitors are treated to a guided tour to see how the rum is created. Afterwards you are able to sample the world- famous rum! **pictures from **