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Pre-launch User Acquisition PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-launch User Acquisition

Pre-launch User Acquisition

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Pre-launch User Acquisition

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Country Manager SatitChivangkur

  2. Flipping The Success Rates of Asian Startups From 1/10 – 9/10

  3. Growth Labs Growth Hacking Services GH Academy Growth Hack Trainings The Growth Hub On demand advice from leading growth hackers over the phone GH Events Monthly events for inspiration by sharing experience and knowledge.


  5. “If I built it, they will come”

  6. We’re Here!

  7. Why Pre-Launch User Acquisition?

  8. Growth Concept

  9. Growth Graph

  10. The Fastest Growing B2B SaaS Business (Maybe) Ever

  11. Growth in Stats Tiny Speck 4 Years Game Slack 2012 2013 2014 December June February Start Launched Beta Launched App 15,000 Users Daily

  12. Growth in Stats Slack 2014 February Launched App 15,000 Users Daily 2014 2014 2015 November August February 285,000 Users Daily 171,000 Users Daily 500,000 Users Daily

  13. Product Market Fit Research 70-80% Said they used Nothing 30% Said they used HipChat/Campfire/IRC Available Chat Applications Email Line Whatsapp SMS Hangouts Campfire IRC HipChat Solved Consumer Problems Market Education Product Training

  14. How They Did It Define Market Space & Identify User Pain Early Adopters Solves Problems Buyer Personas Nailed Product Experience Quick & Quality Feedback Used Freemium Model to Fuel WOM Word of Mouth Viral Mechanism

  15. Slack Growth Graph

  16. Why New User Acquisition? Get To Know Your Customers Who they are Where can you reach them What message can you convert them with Are you solving a real problem for them? Build Database of Early Adopters Fast Feedback Work Out Bugs Get Insightful Testimonials

  17. Step I Task Time! Step II Let’s Get Your Business Rollin’!

  18. Step 1 Pre Launch Sign Up Page

  19. 5 Elements Unique Selling Proposition The Hero Shot Benefits Social Proof Call To Action

  20. Sample Signup Page I • Simple Design • Strong message • Clear, contrasting CTA • Only ask for email address • Integrated video but not interrupting • Incentive for sign up

  21. Signup Referral Mechanics

  22. Sample Signup Page II • Simple Design • Appealing image • Clear message • Clear, contrasting CTA • Only ask for email address • Incentive for sign up

  23. Referral Mechanics

  24. Referral Mechanics

  25. Task Time!

  26. What? ?? Details? So small I can’t see  I’m Attending Weddingful on the 27th!

  27. What do you do? Who is this for? Page looks nice! Unique Add privacy policy Recommend moving to after sign up page

  28. Would you like help with your landing pages? Good headline. Identifies why I’m here in the first place. Don’t have to repeat it. Loving the landing page! Nice contrasted form Love the easy to read benefits Yes, Please help me with my landing pages! Social Proof

  29. Fresh! How about making it super clear? Nice big discounts Massive CTA

  30. Bold to emphasize Clear, Clean Page Too much of something isn’t good. Could just make list. Social proof

  31. Title is informative. straight to point. Leads to action Would test moving to under CTA Free and state how much value you are getting. Benefits: How does this benefit the visitor. Make more about connecting. Non-profits in particular rely on emotional and human connections. Make page shorter, test 2 columns. Know what you are getting.

  32. Minimalist design / spacious Cool icons  CTA Hard to read Would love more contrast. Light blue is over powered by the icons One Action Send?.. Are u serious!? How about “Be First”, “GimmeGimme” Maybe use social Logos?

  33. Clear simple headline Benefits? Functions? Actionable tied CTA Cute noticeable Icons Excuse to dodge

  34. How Our Minds Work

  35. Encapsulation Tunnel Vision Effect Hijack Visitors Eyes Directional Cues

  36. Contrast and Color I Dare You to Click on Anything But The Moon

  37. Direction Ques Arrows Pathways Line of Sight

  38. Pathways Lead Your User Use Frequent Objects

  39. Suggestive Power of the Eye Natural Instincts Curiosity

  40. Images of Attractive People Connection

  41. White Space Blank Space Focus

  42. Recommended Tool

  43. Step 2 Drive Traffic

  44. New User Acquisition • Offline Community building • Paid Advertising • Contest • Social Networks • QA Forum Marketing • Content Marketing • Pre Launch Platforms • PR & Influencer Outreach

  45. Contest

  46. Case Study  ”Wet Shave Club, a boutique box that delivers a range of wet shave goodies directly to your door every month.”

  47. Case Study