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Human Anatomy PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy

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Human Anatomy

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  1. Frog Anatomy to Human Anatomy BY: Jennifer McCool

  2. INSIDE LOOK The Human anatomy is in many ways similar to the anatomy of a frog in the fact that the frog has a small intestine witch like ours in placed in the middle of our body and is connected to our large intestine. The difference other than the size is that while our small intestine curls up and down and goes back and fourth. On the frog it only goes up and down.

  3. The heart of a frog and the heart of a human is very similar in the way that they both have right and left atriums, an aorta, and a palmary artery. What's different is that on an frog there is only one ventricle. With this information there is evidence that the oxygenated blood is being mixed with the deoxygenated blood witch makes the frog much more primitive.

  4. You can tell the difference between a frog brains by the amount of wrinkled mass called the cortex. Frogs and most primates aren’t as wrinkled as mans and the cortex is not as well developed. Also simply because of its size.

  5. The hind legs of the frog are highly specialized for leaping. The single "shinbone" is the tibiofibula. Man has two lower leg bones, the tibia and the fibula. In man and in the frog, the femur is the single upper leg (thigh) bone. A third division of the frog's leg consists of two elongated anklebones, or tarsals. These are the astragalus and the calcaneus. The astragalus corresponds to the human talus. The calcaneus in the human skeleton is the heel bone.

  6. The shoulders and front legs of the frog are somewhat similar to man's shoulders and arms. The frog has one "forearm" bone, the radio-ulna. Man has two forearm bones, the radius and the ulna. Both frog and man have one "upper arm" bone, the humerus. A frogs skull is flat, except for an expanded area that encases the small brain. On the frog there are only nine vertebrae that make up the frog's backbone, or vertebral column. The human backbone has 24 vertebrae