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Midterm Workshop ElDeRly-friEndly Alarm handling and MonitorING Odense, 15 th September 2010 Andrea Croci, M arius Gr PowerPoint Presentation
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Midterm Workshop ElDeRly-friEndly Alarm handling and MonitorING Odense, 15 th September 2010 Andrea Croci, M arius Gr

Midterm Workshop ElDeRly-friEndly Alarm handling and MonitorING Odense, 15 th September 2010 Andrea Croci, M arius Gr

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Midterm Workshop ElDeRly-friEndly Alarm handling and MonitorING Odense, 15 th September 2010 Andrea Croci, M arius Gr

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  1. Midterm Workshop ElDeRly-friEndly Alarm handling and MonitorING Odense, 15th September 2010 Andrea Croci, Marius Greuèl

  2. Agenda • Introduction • Video • Present status of the trial • Outcomes/Evaluation • Dissemination Activities • Lessons learnt • Further plans for 2010 and 2011 2

  3. 1. Introduction • Andrea Croci • Electronic engineer/Physicist • IT-Administrator for the german part of “DREAMING” • Marius Greuèl • Managing director of Mediplus Managementgesellschaft since 2004 • Lecturer of the Alice-Salomon-University for health economics since1997 • Since June 2008 project leader of „DREAMING“ for Pflegewerk and Mediplus Managementgesellschaft 3 3

  4. 3. Present status • Vital sensors and environmental sensors have been installed for all 30 participants beginning May 2009. • The monitoring within the clinical indicators is implemented since October 2009. • Dropouts: Study group: Eight persons (Five died, one refused to take part after initially accepting, two moved) Control group: Nine persons (Six died, three moved) • The measurements of the 22 participants are taken with some exceptions regularly • The video conferencing is currently in the test phase • Mambo will be installed for all the participants now 4

  5. 4. Evaluation/Outcomes • The acceptance of the health care professionals concerning the devices and the monitoring could be increased in the last half year • The help desk could be implemented successfully and the acceptance by the health care professionals and the participants is very high • The use cases within the internal procedures of Pflegewerk, which were defined and implemented in the last three months with the help of the external adviser from the university of Bamberg, Prof. Richard Pieper, will be the basic for the Quality Management of Pflegewerk. • Additionally to the accompanying research there will be an elaboration of a business plan for the long term implementation of the project with the aim to integrate the project in the standard financing of the German health care system. This study is supported by the university of St. Gallen. The market evaluation plan is based on a special scenario method. 5

  6. 5. DREAMING DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES Presentation of DREAMING in large number of major events in Germany, in details: Today: • Promotional Video for the experts and the health professionals • On the 15th of September Pflegewerk presents the project on the eHealth 2010, the national Conference with the federal Ministry of Health Until now 2009 • Symposium „Telemonitoring – Safety and home care – Introduction of Berlin model projects“ in Berlin 5/2009 • Presentation of DREAMING to the Berlin Partner GmbH, the association of health care companies in Berlin 10/2009 • Presentation of DREAMING on the Medica, the world´s largest fair in the health care section 11/2009 6

  7. 5. DREAMING DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES 2010 • Presentation of DREAMING on a conference in Poland in April 2010 • Printing of project leaflets in the national language and distribution to the different representatives of the politics and the health care sector, which comprises 220.000 employees in the healthcare sector, 24.000 elderly people living in nursing homes and over 600.000 elderly people, which are living at home, 250.000 patients in Disease Management Programs, 67 Hospitals, 17.700 medical practitioners and specialists, 530 home care services, 4 universities, 7 universities of applied science. 7

  8. 5. DREAMING DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES II • Exhibition of DREAMING on the ConhIT, the trade show of the branch of the telemedicine industry Exhibition 22-24.April Appearance at the conhIT „eE-Health capital region Berlin-Brandenburg“ 8

  9. 6. Lessons learnt • We found that the involvement of the GP in consultation and information conversations was a big advantage. • Close integration of relatives was very important. Most concerns of participants addressed possible radiation problems or data security. Here, personnel-intensive and sensitive conversations were necessary. • Most participants are interested in continuing the use of the devices after the trial and want to learn about the results of the study (individually and made anonymous respectively). 9

  10. 7. Further plans for 2011 • Contribution of Pflegewerk in new ICT Policy Support Program (ICT PSP) for Telemonitoring “RENEWING HEALTH„ (REgioNs of Europe WorkINg toGether for HEALTH) with 400 participants 10

  11. Pflegewerk Mediplus Managementgesellschaft im Gesundheitswesen mbH Wisbyerstr. 16/17 10439 Berlin Tel.: (030) 396 00 510 Fax: (030) 39600511 Mail: Thank you for listening