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Technical Knowledge Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Technical Knowledge Center

Technical Knowledge Center

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Technical Knowledge Center

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  1. Technical Knowledge Center

  2. Login Screen • Enter User Name and Password

  3. Technical Knowledge Center Homepage

  4. Support Site Navigation

  5. Technical Knowledge Center Homepage

  6. Help Pages

  7. Technical Knowledge Center Homepage

  8. Navigation Menu Navigation Menu • For moving up the levels of the hierarchy within the Technical Knowledge Center. • In this example, the hierarchy path is Technical Knowledge Center > Readme Files > BlackBerry Enterprise Server Service Packs > BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Lotus Domino

  9. Hyperlinked Columns • Allows you to sort the items contained in a workspace by Type, Name, Size or Modified date. • Click on the heading title to sort the items in that particular column.

  10. Most Popular Documents

  11. Most Popular Documents

  12. Most Recent Additions

  13. Most Recent Additions

  14. Search Tools • There are two ways to use the search feature: • Quick search • Advanced search

  15. Quick Search • Quick search allows you to search the Technical Knowledge Center based on keywords and scope. • Click the drop down menu to select the scope. • Set to the enterprise workspace by default which means the search will search the entire Technical Knowledge Center.

  16. Advanced Search • Allows you refine search results by allowing you to specify additional search criteria including scope and date range • You can also choose how you want to display the results

  17. Advanced Search • Full Text – Looks for your search query in the document • A natural language query is a query that you enter as a question or as one or more lines of text. • Scope allows you to specify the search slices to which your queries apply. • Date Range – Allows you to narrow your search by date

  18. Search Syntax • In any editable search field you can use Boolean operators or symbols to help refine your search:

  19. Search Results • Search results will be displayed according to how relevant the document is to your search criteria. • The closer the document matches your search criteria, the higher the score. • By default, the type of document, name, date, size, and location will also be displayed. • There are a number of different options available to you after the results of the search have been displayed.

  20. Search Results • The page displaying your search results and various options:

  21. Search Results • Hide summaries • Allows you to hide the summaries for the items.

  22. Search Results • Location • The location (folder) the returned item is stored in. • If you are looking for similar results, clicking on the folder will take you to related articles.

  23. Search Results • Item title • Clicking on this will access the item, opening the document in HTML format, PDF or text (form of delivery depends on the original document)

  24. Search Results • Search score • The score of the search result which is based on the search criteria. • The closer the article relates to your search criteria, the higher the relevancy score.

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