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Wyoming Broadcasting PowerPoint Presentation
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Wyoming Broadcasting

Wyoming Broadcasting

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Wyoming Broadcasting

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  1. Wyoming Broadcasting

  2. Wyoming Broadcasters • Current Radio/TV data • Broadcasting and the internet (new media) • Broadcasting vs. Satellite Radio • Broadcasting vs. Print • What to know more?

  3. Radio Listening is UP!3 Million New Listeners in 2008* * Arbitron

  4. Radio Reach 94% of Americans consume radio each week.

  5. Television viewing is UP! *The average American now watches TV for 127 hours and 15 minutes per month, up 4 percent from last year * Neilsen Rating

  6. TV ReachTelevision Reaches 90.2% DailyAdults 18+, 3.94 hours a day

  7. Wyoming Radio Listening • Average American (12+) listens to the radio 126 minutes a day* • Average Wyoming Resident (12+) listens to the radio 160 minutes a day* • 80% say they listen to the radio in their car (up 10% from last year) • Wyoming has the HIGHEST number of miles traveled per capita in the national, 1.7* times the national average. *Radio Heard Here Report 2008 *Arbitron Tapscan Wyoming County Coverage 2008 *2000 Edition of National Highway Statistics

  8. Wyoming TV ViewingShare of viewing to local commercial stations* • 5-6:30 PM Local Evening News Casper: 90% Cheyenne: 86% • 10-10:35 PM Local Late News Casper: 91% Cheyenne: 91% * July 2008 Nielsen (Casper-Riverton and Cheyenne) and TVB Media Comparisons Study, 2008

  9. Wyoming TV ViewingShare of viewing to local commercial stations* Nearly one half the total population of the state of Wyoming watches their local station for news and entertainment, rather than the adjacent DMAs(ie, Denver, Rapid City, Salt Lake, Billings) * July 2008 Nielsen (Casper-Riverton and Cheyenne) and TVB Media Comparisons Study, 2008

  10. New Media and Broadcasting • Internet • Ipods & Mp3 players • Satellite radio • Online radio

  11. New Media - Internet Nearly a quarter of Internet users make purchases after performing a search for something they heard about on a radio commercial.* Over half the people who listen to the radio while browsing the Internet search for items they hear about in radio commercials.* Unaided Recall for a mix of one Internet and one Radio exposure is four and-a-half times as high as unaided recall for two internet ads alone.# Radio and the Internet- together reach about 83 percent of the 18-54 population*. Radio -can drive traffic to websites*. Radio -Consumers – even teens and young adults – frequently use Radio and the Internet simultaneously. Up to 1/3 of Internet usage time in some key dayparts is shared with Radio.* *Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab: "Radio and the Internet: Powerful Complements for Advertisers" (2007) # Harris Interactive 2007

  12. Youth Listening14 to 24 year olds – Ipods & Radio *AM/FM Radio Time Spent UP 11% *Ipod/MP3 Time Spent Down 13% *Paragaon Media Strategies (2008)

  13. New Media – Satellite Radio Satellite Radio - About 20 million “listeners” compared to 235 million on terrestrial radio. Satellite radio is just one fifth the size of internet radio. Satellite Radio – losing $1 million a day, slumping car sales hurting growth. Satellite Radio – can’t provide local content The average satellite radio station attracted listeners for .009 percent of the 15-minute measuring blocks; that figure is not high enough to make Arbitron’s minimum reporting standards for terrestrial radio

  14. New Media – Online Radio Internet Radio - During the last five years, while Satellite Radio was in its growth phrase, AM/FM Radio added 10 million new listeners and Internet Radio added 70 million listeners. Internet Radio –Internet Radio’s phenomenal growth comes largely from the websites of AM/FM Radio stations. Internet Radio – Internet Radio now dwarfs Satellite Radio and iPod sales. Meanwhile, AM/FM Radio stations’ websites have doubled their audiences in the last year. Streaming Internet listening to AM/FM Radio stations is growing at four times the rate of the pure play Internet Radio stations.

  15. Broadcasting vs. Print Newspapers - Decreasing Penetration: Today, newspaper’s household penetration is right around 50%*. Where to get the news –TV and Radio are the two leading sources for adult consumption of news. TV 57%, Radio 35%, Newspapers 34% and Internet 29%. Tough Economy - As the economy continues to flounder, Radio and television provides three important “F’s” to consumers – Familiarity, Friendship and Free

  16. How to find out more? • WAB – Wyoming Association of Broadcasters - • Arbitron – Casper, Cheyenne, County Data • Nielsen