green blue reversible photography background with n.
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  1. Green/ Blue Reversible Photography Background with 3m Wide Portable Stand • By Harry Max

  2. DESCRIPTION Reversible Green And Blue Chromakey Green Backdrop 1.5m X 2.1mcombines the two most often used colours Green and Blue into one background. It offers quick set-up and take-down for versatility and easy portability. It is popular with photographers and videographers for digitally eliminating the original background and replacing it with any other background. Perfect for head and shoulder portraiture as well as deposition-type videos. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally to suit your subject. Portable Photography Backdrop Stand - 3m Wide X 3m Tallis 3m wide with a maximum height of 3m collapsible to 1.2m. It is a sturdy stand made for studio and outdoor use for aiding wedding photography, creating youtube videos, documentary shoots, face to face interviews etc. It can hold and support canvas muslin backdrops, vinyl backgrounds, paper backdrops etc. with ease. Quick to dismantle and assemble for swift pack-ups.There is a vivid collection of photography backgrounds available.

  3.   FEATURES Reversible Green And Blue Chromakey Green Backdrop 1.5m X 2.1m Collapses to 1/3 size Easy to clean-?just wipe with a damp cloth Made of high-quality, non-reflective cotton that eliminates glare Size : Width 1.5m  x  Length 2.1m Double-riveted frame for extra durability Folded diameter size: 65cm Weight: Approx 2kg Can be easily placed against a wall Portable Photography Backdrop Stand - 3m Wide X 3m Tall Easy to set up and collapse; no tools needed Opens to 6 ft. (182 cm) wide and extends to 9 ft.(274 cm) high Collapses to 120 cm in height Stand heights adjustable up to 3m max. Light stands use single actions nut locks, providing fast precision height adjustment 4 crossbars allowing simple adjustments to 2 crossbars for minimum width Maximum capacity to hold is 6kg approx. 5/8in female sockets at each end of cross bar, allowing you to use the crossbar on any light stands Holds muslin, paper, vinyl, canvas or any textile backdrops Disassembles quickly and fits easily into its carry case case made of heavy duty material, with pockets to fit the components of the background support

  4. KIT 1 x Reversible Green And Blue Screen Chroma Key Backdrop 1.5m x 2.1m1 x Portable Photography Backdrop Stand 3m Wide x 3m Tall

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