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asbestos survey types

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asbestos survey types

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  1. The Great need of Asbestos Surveys Asbestos is a stone material fibers that takes place normally and even has been in apply for years in making constructions. The stone material is generally attached to roofing tiles, heat retaining material individual panels of heating elements and even wall panels as well as on flooring ceramic tiles amongst several other supplies. Its also utilized in drainage pipes, plastering and even fresh paint and even merge containers contributing to the extended directory of the a variety of uses it has. However, the mineral can be very deadly when inhaled by humans. This happens when the asbestos is interfered with causing the fibers making it up to become airborne and therefore inhalable. The airborne fibers are known as friable asbestos and can have very grievous impact on the human lungs. Among the diseases associated with inhaling the mineral include asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Once the fibers are inhaled and trapped inside the human lungs, the person is likely to suffer from the above conditions which can end up in a tragedy. The level of exposure that is unhealthy is yet to be determined although it is believed that the more prolonged the exposure, the higher the risks of developing the diseases.

  2. It is with this regard that asbestos surveying was developed with the purpose of safe guarding the substance as well as removing it from the many products it is used in. In the UK, the survey is of great importance and is taken seriously and failure to undertake it during construction can lead to fines and penalties which can be severe. The survey's main aim is to detect all potential dangers that the material containing asbestos could have therefore allowing its users of rejecting and prohibiting its use. When the survey is conducted, the risks are greatly alleviated in any kind of building thereby keeping the lives of those living or working in the premises safe and well protected.

  3. Such surveys will start by locating the asbestos within building materials and then looking at the condition of the material and the risks it exposes people to. Sampling is then done and when found to be endangering lives, proper removal of the materials is conducted after which they are destroyed using the right means. To avoid any risks as well as unnecessary costly penalties and fines, it is always important to undertake the survey especially if you live in the UK where this is a requirement. This is the only way you can ensure that you are safe and that the building you work or live in is safe as well.

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