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Dry Ice Maker

Make dry ice whenever you need it with the easy-to-use compact dry ice maker from Ice Tech World. They also provide dry ice blasting machines and accessories for a variety of industries and applications. Contact them to know more.

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Dry Ice Maker

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  1. The Various Uses and Applications of Dry Ice

  2. Dry ice, or rather compressed and cooled carbon dioxide, is a major industrial product that finds its applications in the manufacturing and application when it comes to other vital industrial products. Dry ice is an easy to manufacture product. At first, the gases with high carbon dioxide content are produced. These gases may be an additional/byproduct in other processes, or produced solely for the purpose of the manufacture of dry ice. These gases are then pressurized and cooled (refrigerated) so that solid carbon dioxide is produced. However, this isn’t the final process. In the process mentioned, the gases reach a consistency as that of soft snow. These are then further compressed to manufacture blocks of dry ice and are then packed and transported to other plants that use dry ice as a primary product. Dry ice finds its use and application in many other processes like dry ice cleaning/ice blasting. Dry ice cleaning/ ice blasting is a process that is generally used for cleaning purposes as the name suggests. The term blasting is used because the ice is blasted upon the surface that needs to be cleaned. This sudden gust of dry ice leaves some traces of the pellets of ice, which then quickly sublimate from the surface after leaving a certain amount of kinetic energy that is required to clean the area.

  3. Pellet ice maker is popular as well since dry ice finds use in many fields in industrial manufacturing processes. It comes in many shapes and sizes as based on its utilities. For example, the Pellet ice maker PR750H is a high capacity ice maker that is easy to operate and have high end production shifts. It produces pellets of dry ice right from stroke one. It also takes extremely fast startup time, and has even faster production shifts. The change in the extruder plates automatically removes downtime and thus it lessens the loss of carbon dioxide. The machine has an enclosure that is moisture free and also produces very less noise while on the run. Also, when it comes to the operation and control, the machine’s interface is completely touch screen and can be operated just as you operate your new cell phone. Plus, the unique and high end performance display of the machine enables the display to be sent and displayed anywhere in the world and displayed with the same ease that is with the machine’s own display. It has way more features than any other product exhibiting the similar function in the market today. And so, this is one product that is highly preferred by the manufacturers when it comes to manufacturing dry ice. Manufacturing has never been a more fun filled process before, especially now with machines like this at your service.

  4. Ice Tech • ADDRESS: 5217 MUHLHAUSER ROAD,WEST CHESTER, OHIO 45011 - United States • PHONE: +1 513-942-4144 • EMAIL: icetech-usa@icetechworld.com • WEBSITE: http://www.icetechworld.com

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