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Dry ice spooky

Dry ice spooky. Done by: A lyazia &Khadija. You need:. Clear plastic cylinder-shaped vase. Hot/warm water. F ood coloring. How to make it:. Pour hot water into the cylinder. Put the dry ice into the hot water. And watch what happens.

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Dry ice spooky

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  1. Dry ice spooky Done by: Alyazia &Khadija

  2. You need: Clear plastic cylinder-shaped vase

  3. Hot/warm water

  4. Food coloring

  5. How to make it: Pour hot water into the cylinder

  6. Put the dry ice into the hot water

  7. And watch what happens

  8. Dry ice is carbon dioxide (CO2) in its solid form. At temperatures above -56.4 ͦC (-69.5 ͦF),dry ice changes directly from a solid to a gas without being a liquid. This process is called sublimation. When dry ice is put in water it accelerates the sublimation process, creating clouds of fog

  9. sublimation is when a solid turns directly to a gas without the liquid stage. it is a physical change. because dry ice is Co2. and when it turns into a gas its still co2 so no chemical change. however its not a solid anymore therefore physical change

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