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Dry ice

Dry ice and its applications

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Dry ice

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  1. DRY ICE Everything you need to know about dry ice

  2. What is Dry ice? • Dry is the solid frozen form of carbon dioxide. Instead of melting like normal ice into water, it converts into CO2 gas hence it got its name as dry ice.

  3. Applications of Dry ice • Keep Perishables Fresh • Cold Caps for Chemotherapy Patients • Make Mosquito Traps • Halloween Experiments • Educational Experiments • Freezing Fish for Sushi • Preserve Grain & Seeds

  4. Dry ice can be bought from • Kroger stores • Dry ice suppliers  • Gas stations • Ice cream shops • Wall mart stores • Grocery stores

  5. Types of Dry Ice Packs • Reusable dry ice packs • Disposable ice packs • Ice packs-Ready to use • Fill & Freeze ice packs

  6. Reusable dry ice packs • The reusable ice packs works as both hot pack and cold pack. They activate easily and stay frozen for a long time. • Applications: • Used by pharmaceutical companies. • Seafood exporting • Frozen food delivery

  7. Disposable ice packs • Disposable ice packs are ideal replacements of Dry ice and considered Non-hazardous hence making them preferable refrigerant ice pack for cold transport. • Applications: • Shipping medicines • Shipping food • Meat exporting • Transporting perishable items

  8. Ice packs-Ready to use • There is a variety of ready to use ice packs available at Cryolux-Manufacturer of innovative cold chain packaging Products. • Types: • Bubble back gel packs • Reusable PCM Ice bricks • Heat packs • Instant ice packs

  9. Fill & Freeze ice packs • Fill & Freeze ice packs are gel packs made with proprietary phase change formulation which allows the gel packs to freeze up to -21C which in turn helps to keep things cold longer. • Applications: • Used by cheese factories • Used by chocolatiers • Used by hospitals

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