digital marketing vs traditional marketing what n.
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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What’s Right for You? PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What’s Right for You?

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What’s Right for You?

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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What’s Right for You?

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  1. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: What’s Right for You? Marketing is an important part of any business which we can not ignore. It is difficult for the entrepreneur to decide which aspect of brand marketing to concentrate on; digital or traditional marketing. What is traditional marketing? Traditional marketing refers to the conventional methods of marketing used ever since the concept of advertisements or marketing came into existence. Traditional marketing has its own advantages that help you to grow business. Some of the platform for brand promotion in traditional marketing:- * Newspaper * Radio * Television * Magazine ads * Billboard advertising along roads and highways What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is the new age of marketing method of the global realm. With internet benefits in every aspect of life, by digital marketing brand awareness will increases through it, but also promote your brand on a global platform to reach more customer base. By this, we can target the audience what we want. Some of the platform to reach customer are:- * Business networking sites (Linkedin) * Social Media Sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) * Content Marketing * Paid Advertising * Blog Promotions * Email Marketing

  2. Digital marketing, compared to traditional marketing, is much more affordable. It is this factor too that makes it easier for all kinds and sizes of businesses to apply digital marketing strategies over traditional methods of marketing. Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing Traditional marketing has its own advantages but internet marketing has set a new revolution. It has some benefits over traditional marketing and some of those are:- 1. Low Cost While advertising ads on newspaper, radio, television and other platform cost a lot, advertisement through the internet is affordable. 2. Brand Development Brand image by digital marketing will grow fast as compare to traditional because traditional marketing has a limitation of space and internet marketing reach to people in less time. Brand awareness will increases. 3. Real-Time Result

  3. Digital marketing gives quick results, while in traditional keeps waiting for long for the results. Through digital marketing, you can measure and view all the information such as a number of visitors, conversion rate and all. 4. Greater Exposure Any traditional marketing platform cover a certain area or region, but from online advertisement, you can reach to the wider population or a whole world in less time period. 5. Better Engagement Digital marketing allows interacting with the audience that is interested in you, directly contact them. You can also engage your audience in chats and discussions for registering better brand presence and gain passive advice to improve your product or service. 6. Easy Analytics With digital marketing, it is easy to measure your marketing efforts. Google Analytics shows all data such as conversation rate, bounce rate, inbound traffic, users and all. There are a number of other benefits when it comes to using digital marketing over traditional marketing methods. Nowadays all brands want a result in less time period for that digital marketing is the best platform. If you are looking for brand promotion then, Infograins Software Solutions provides full-range of Digital Marketing services that allow our clients to extend and to exceed their online business goals.