experiencing the 360 degrees of life n.
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Experiencing The 360 Degrees Of Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Experiencing The 360 Degrees Of Life

Experiencing The 360 Degrees Of Life

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Experiencing The 360 Degrees Of Life

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  1. Experiencing The 360 Degrees Of Life

  2.  We humans have a tendency to get so engrossed in our daily lives that we don’t realize the solutions to our problems lie within us. It’s just a matter of taking sometime out of our busy schedule and make a 360 degrees analysis of the happenings in our lives.

  3.  I can’t stop thinking about one of my clients John (name changed for the purpose of privacy) who underwent a terrible phase in his life until he realized it was time to take matters in his own hands. John had spent countless months in preparing for his BAR exam. However, he felt completely broken when he realized that he did not perform well. Soon he went into depression.

  4.  One day he went to an nursing home where he met people from all walks of life who were abandoned by their families. However, every morning they would wake up with a bright smile and new hope. They were determined to make their lives better and no darkness, no disappointment was enough to take that away from them. The drawbacks in their lives only strengthened their hope and persistence.

  5.  Seeing their will and determination to fight for their happiness, made John realize that the BAR exam is a very small part of his entire life. Whenever we get stuck in a situation, we must take a step back and look at life in a 360 degrees perspective. Happiness, disappointments, success and failures together complete us. We must cherish every facet of our lives. If there was no failure, we would not appreciate success.

  6.  In other words,we must stop what we are doing, turn around in a full circle and evaluate our present situation from all aspects. Imagine making that full turn and analyzing your internal and external conflicts. Understand the reasons behind the circumstance that makes you fearful or frustrated.

  7.  Once you are done, you will land up in the same place you started from. At this point, you would be ready to take your life forward in a positive manner.