commissioning procedures phase a 1 n.
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Commissioning procedures Phase A.1 PowerPoint Presentation
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Commissioning procedures Phase A.1

Commissioning procedures Phase A.1

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Commissioning procedures Phase A.1

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  1. Commissioning proceduresPhase A.1 20th LHCCWG February 14th 2007 M. Gruwé and R. Alemany, V. Kain, L. Ponce, S. Redaelli, W. Venturini

  2. Layout • General comments (valid for all phases) • Purpose of the procedures • What are they based on? • Input required from LHCCWG • Phase A.1 • Some comments • Web page describing procedures • Remaining questions 20th LHCCWG

  3. General comments • Trial of presentation in LHCCWG: • One phase presented per meeting (or every 2nd meeting) • Will go through • layout of the procedures web pages • main steps of the procedure • remaining questions • But: will not go into details (too long to go through in such a wide group) • Work in progress (and will remain so till actual commissioning...) 20th LHCCWG

  4. Purpose • Our understanding of the purpose of these procedures: • Make sure everything required for the various beam commissioning phases is available/ready/thought of (applications, instrumentation, equipment, etc...) • Make sure responsible people are informed of the requirements • Point out possible problems, missing functionalities, misunderstandings, etc... • Ordered list of tasks to perform and results to achieve • Not meant to be a complete “how to do” manual of each step or measurement for anyone to use: Experts will obviously be there and perform specific tasks 20th LHCCWG

  5. Based on... • The procedures are based on • Presentations in the LHCCWG • Some Chamonix presentations • Mike’s web pages • Discussions with experts, individuals • Our current understanding... 20th LHCCWG

  6. Input required • Please read and check the proposed procedures: • Entry conditions • Procedures • Exit conditions • Listed problems • Remaining questions • Give feedback 20th LHCCWG

  7. Questions to LHCCWG • Procedures: • Do they make sense? • Is there anything missing? • Entry conditions (= prerequisites): • Do we have all the tools/equipment necessary for each step of the procedures? • Exit conditions (=outcome): • Do we reach these by following the procedures? • Do we want to achieve more than these exit conditions? • Questions: • Remaining questions need to be discussed and solutions found • Other points to be sorted out? 20th LHCCWG

  8. Phase A.1: reminder • First turn • 450 GeV • Pilot intensity • Goal: • Commissioning of the injections • Threading around the ring • Commissioning of beam instrumentation. • Ring 1 and ring 2. 20th LHCCWG

  9. Web page • The procedures for phase A.1 can be found in: • Comments: • As one of the entry conditions: link to LHC machine checkout web page (Mike’s web page) • To be added: a table listing all steps of the procedures versus all required applications and instrumentation • Procedures for phase A.1 should/will be discussed in the Injection working group (Brennan) • No time estimate included at this stage. Should be added later to facilitate the beam commissioning planning. 20th LHCCWG

  10. Remaining questions (I) • Recycling required ever? If energy mismatch detected and MBs adjusted, recycling? If yes, how often? • Will we have an additional event indexed database like SDA? • Which magnets have to be fully commissioned for this stage? • When shall we check interleaved ring 1/ring 2 injections? Already in this phase? • Display of the spare channels of BLM cards should be available in the CCC (this is currently not foreseen: we need a soft to see all spare channels in the CCC)...NEEDED FOR MOBILE BLMs 20th LHCCWG

  11. Remaining questions (II) • Probably difficult to quench a magnet at this stage...but: are BLM thresholds remotely changeable or not?? • While threading: coarse calibration of the BPMs. How often do we send someone to fix problems? Do we continue if one BPM is missing? How many faulty BPMs do we allow? • Which LHC mode are we in? BTVs should all be IN, but they can only be IN if in the "inject and dump mode". How do we do the transition from "First turn" to "Circulating beam" (for the BTVs' functioning)? 20th LHCCWG