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FHC. STUDY. GROUP. JUNE 2015. ACTIVITIES: Cardinals Game Dave & Busters. Bobby Samuelson. Stephan Mitchell. Sam Wardwell. Charlie Gipple. Clark Creighton. Using Technology to Enhance Your Practice. Welcome. Sarah Molitor. Brandon Hall. Scott Hoff. Today’s Agenda.

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  2. ACTIVITIES: Cardinals Game Dave & Busters Bobby Samuelson Stephan Mitchell Sam Wardwell Charlie Gipple Clark Creighton

  3. Using Technology to Enhance Your Practice

  4. Welcome Sarah Molitor Brandon Hall Scott Hoff

  5. Today’s Agenda Agent Technology Discussion iGo: Electronic Applications in the 21st Century Internet Tips and Tricks: Increase Efficiency Open Discussion

  6. Agents, tell us what you think: • What are you doing now? • How are you currently integrating technology into your practice? • In what ways is technology working for you? • What’s new? • Have you started using new technology or is there any technology you've been wanting to try? • What’s keeping you back? • What is preventing you from adopting and using new technology in your business? • Is there any technology that you find so difficult or disruptive that you would rather not use it?

  7. iGo – Electronic Applications in the 21st Century Scott Hoff

  8. What is iGo? Paper (PDF) Applications Are Still Accepted Online System for Life Insurance Applications

  9. How to Access iGo? Home  Insurance Tools  Applications (Electronic) Insurance -> Applications (Electronic)

  10. How to Access iGo? From Within the Traditional Forms Engine

  11. How to Access iGo? From Within the Term Quote Engine

  12. What do the different form options mean?

  13. What’s the Difference Between a Drop Ticket and a Tele App There is no difference. The iGo system calls all abbreviated app processes “Drop Tickets” FHC website calls all abbreviated application processes “Tele Apps” Moving forward everything will be called “Drop Tickets”

  14. Why do some Drop Tickets have an “Explanation Box” next to them? The iGo system has the benefit of having one interface for all Carriers The explanation box references the name the insurance carrier calls its process:

  15. Submitting an Application

  16. Select the Product You Will Be Writing

  17. Begin Completing Application

  18. Fields in Yellow Are Mandatory

  19. Incomplete fields will have a red question mark Completed fields will have a green checkmark.

  20. At any point, you may stop and return to a paper application:

  21. At any point, you may stop and return to a paper application:

  22. The system uses reflexive questioning to ask you questions that would otherwise be found on supplemental forms.

  23. Your Application Will Be Deemed in Good Order

  24. You will “lock” the application from future changes

  25. You can then begin the signature process

  26. You may then choose from “e-signature” and wet signature

  27. If you choose E-Signature, you will be prompted for information to continue

  28. You can then send the e-signature instructions to the client.

  29. What Happens After The Email to the Client is Sent? The client will sign the document with the last 4 digits of their SSN The email is sent to the client

  30. FHC Can Then Monitor the Case Until Its Completion

  31. If you opt for “Wet Signature” you review the completed PDF for accuracy

  32. You can then preview the document

  33. You can then certify that you have reviewed the paperwork and move forward.

  34. You will then print off the forms to sign The words “iGo Status – Locked” will show up on the application to indicate to the carrier that the application has been through the iGo Process.

  35. What Happens After “Wet Signature” The completed application is submitted to FHC via Treeno, Mail or Fax and is processed normally.

  36. Internet Tips and Tricks Increase efficiency

  37. Tip #1 – Keep your system secure An insecure machine gets compromised Insecure use techniques get your machine compromised A compromised machine runs slow at best A compromised machine leads to a breach of client data or worse

  38. Onions • Layer your protections just like an onion and you’ll be less likely to get garbageware • DNS Filter • Anti-Virus • Safe Browsing plugin • Proxy • Intrusion Detection/Prevention

  39. Hard to protect what you don’t understand How does the internet work?

  40. How do I keep it safe? If I always get to the right webserver, that’s safe enough, right?

  41. How do I keep it safe? If I keep my system and browser up to date and have anti-virus, that is surely enough, right???

  42. How do I keep it safe? So I keep my computer and browser up to date, have anti-virus software with good zero day protection, have a safe DNS server, and safe-browsing plugin. Am I safe? You’re in really good shape for protecting, but not safe.

  43. Be diligent and be alert • Hidden hyperlink hysteria: • https://looks-safe-on-the-surface.com/

  44. Vulnerabilities in Oss in 2014

  45. Vulnerabilities in Applications 2014

  46. Proxy and Intrusion Prevention A proxy looks at the website on your behalf, in between you and the potentially bad content such as Barracuda Spyware Firewall Intrusion Prevention watches the network for traffic that contains exploit codes or traffic that is running on the wrong port, things out of place, some examples are Palo Alto Networks IPS, Cisco NGIPS, Fortinet IPS Higher dollar items and may not be cost effective for your business

  47. Tip # 2 – Simplify your passwords I don’t mean make them all Password1 Get a password manager – ROBOFORM

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