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"GetThere" CTP Online Booking Tool

"GetThere" CTP Online Booking Tool. GetThere Corporate Business Overview. BTN 100 Online Booking Tool Marketshare (%). None. Over 1000 corporate customers serviced directly and through GetThere’s distributor partners GetThere corporate customers represent ~$15B annual travel spend

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"GetThere" CTP Online Booking Tool

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  1. "GetThere" CTP Online Booking Tool

  2. GetThere Corporate Business Overview BTN 100 Online Booking Tool Marketshare (%) None • Over 1000 corporate customers serviced directly and through GetThere’s distributor partners • GetThere corporate customers represent ~$15B annual travel spend • Top customers report average online adoption of 70% • Top customers report average online airfare savings of 15% and average online agency fee savings of 46% Evaluating Others GetThere Fortune 200 Online Booking Tool Marketshare (%) None GetThere Others Evaluating Marketshare percentages accurate as of 4/05.

  3. Why go Online?? • Cost Savings • 46% average savings on transaction fees • 15% average online airfare savings • Agency Support • Local Agents • Personalized Service • Consolidate Data • Report and Track all Travel Expenditures- Full Service and Online Booking • Convenience • 24 X 7 access to air, car, and hotel reservations • Control • Companies are able to govern and regulate travel spending and travel policies • Operating Efficiencies-streamlines procurement and management of travel spend – leveraged vendor relationships • Travel Arrangers have the ability to book reservations for other travelers +

  4. Traveler Needs How Does CTP’s Online Booking Meet Everyone’s Needs? Traveler Needs Corporate Needs Cost Savings Policy Enforcement Reporting Security Reliability Convenience One stop shopping Corporate Travel Program

  5. Key Features of GetThere • Look-and-feel similar to popular online travel Web sites • Your complete itinerary is displayed thru-out the online booking process • Easy to select and book your air, hotel and rental car options • Sorting capabilities are available for air, car and hotel options • Airline seat maps will display after making your air reservations • Easy to find and locate convenient hotels

  6. Comparison Breakdown *

  7. Technology TM Control Service Global Adoption Price Value Corporate Online Tool Market Competitor No Capabilities Limited Capabilities Some Capabilities Good Capabilities Excellent Capabilities

  8. What Customization comes with an Online Booking Site?? • Company branding • Corporate logo and colors • Traveler Messages • Negotiated Contracts • Company Negotiated • CTP Negotiated • Travel Policy • Individual, Group, and Secondary Policies • Policy Reporting • Company Preferences • Mandate Company Preferred Vendors • Vendor display • Extra Features • GetThere Online Ticket Exchange – Part of a “touchless” fulfillment solution that can help increase savings; Changes can be made to a ticketed booking that has not been used; the system will reconfigure with new rules, and provide cost difference prior to re-booking • Voids and Refunds – Trips can be cancelled online before a credit card gets charged • Hold Trips – Ability to “hold” an itinerary for up to 24 hours • Much Much more

  9. Implementation Timeline Day 1-5 • CTP Implementation team meets with Agency Implementation team • Develop Travel Policy and Guidelines • Complete Site Configuration Outline Day 6-11 • Build Agency Site • Load Travelers Day 12-15 • Load Negotiated Contracts • Test Site • Finish Customization Day 15-20 • Onsite Training • Turn Site over to Agency

  10. Product Demo

  11. Travelers enter their User Name and Password to be signed in to their appropriate corporate subsite • Travel tools contains useful information and resources • Arrival and Departure information shows flight status Sign-In

  12. Begin Search • Site Navigation bar on • top of each page • Travel Arranger • Home • Profile • My Trips • My Templates • Help • Logout • User selectable languages • Messaging and logos specific to agency and corporation

  13. Flight Information Flight Information, located at the bottom left of the Begin Search page, and on the login page, shows schedule and actual departure, arrival and gate information.

  14. Travel Tools • Travel Tools, located at the bottom right of the Begin Search page and on the login page provide general information about: • City Information • Weather • Maps • World Clock • Health & Passport • World News • Currency, etc.

  15. Update My Account the first time you sign in and remember to Save changes • Account Settings • Personal information • Change password settings • Charge card settings • Email settings • Display preferences • Traveler Preferences • Air/Hotel/Car/Rail preferences • Frequent traveler programs • Passport and Visas • Travel Arranger Settings

  16. Travel Arranger Travel Arrangers can login and select themselves as arrangers for their travelers OR Travelers can determine who, if anyone, can be their arrangers

  17. My Trips • Modifications to existing trips are accessed through View My Trips • Click View next to a trip to review a trip's details. • Trips on hold • Upcoming trips • Past trips • Cancelled trips • My Trips Options • Open templates • Set up flight alerts • Claim Offline Reservation

  18. My Templates • You can create templates for frequently traveled itineraries. Once the template is saved, you my open it to input new travel dates and continue with the reservation with less keystrokes • Global Templates are created for use of corporate travelers. They can be acquired by inputting the template name.

  19. Travelers can view GetThere in multiple languages • Spanish • Portuguese • French • German • French Canadian • Italian User Selectable Languages

  20. Begin Search • The availability search will default to air, car, and hotel • Train may be selected for Amtrak • Click on Find City/Airport to check the 3 letter code • Interactive Calendar appears when mouse is in the date field • Click on Begin Search to check flights

  21. Departing Flights • Click column headers to sort flights by • Airline/Flight, Departure/Arrival time, Preference • Click Select to choose your departing flight noting company preferences • Modify Search allows you to change your search options

  22. Return Flights • Likewise, click Select to choose your returning flight noting company preferences • Current Itinerary shows what has already been selected

  23. Low Price Options • Compare your originalselection to the Low Price Options then Select your choice • Note that alternate airports may be suggested

  24. Policy Compliance • Out Of Policy Reasons allows you to select reasons your trip is out of policy for: • Air • Car • Hotel • Select reason and Click Continue

  25. Reserve Seats • Seat maps are automatically shown once flight options are selected if pre-reserved seats are available • Use Scroll to front or Scroll to rear to navigate the seat map • Choose a seat by clicking on the appropriate seat icon, noting that the premium seats are reserved for premium frequent flyers • Click Reserve Seat and choose a seat on your next flight

  26. Hotel Search • Hotel Search is automatically shown after seat maps • You may search for hotelsby • Location • Preferred • Airport • City • Address • Reference Point – Hotel Search by Reference Points will search for hotels closest to generic or agency defined locations • Postal Code • Chain • Hotel Name

  27. Hotel Availability

  28. GetThere Hotel Description

  29. Car Search • Car Search is automatically shown after hotel • Search for rental cars • At the airport • Off the airport • Click Express Booking to automatically book the company’s preferred rental car • Click Search Cars to view a list of available cars

  30. Car Selection • Sort cars by • Rental Agency • Mileage Rate • Preference • Price • Click Select to choose your car

  31. Review Trip • Review Trip allows you to review and make changes to your itinerary • Review Airfare Details and Cost Breakdowns as appropriate • Click Modify or Remove if you want to make changes • Use Need to add something? for adding a hotel or car • Choose Continue to complete reservation or it may be placed on Hold, or saved as a Template

  32. Passenger Information • Review and update Passenger Information which is based on information and settings from My Account • Note that fields markedwith a “*”are mandatory • Click Continue to proceed

  33. Purchasing Information • Review Purchasing Information which is based on information and settings from Profile • Ensure the Payment Information is complete

  34. Purchasing Information • Ensure Payment information for Hotels is correct. • Additional Email Confirmations may be sent to co-workers, spouse, etc. • Special Requests section to add comments for Best Travel • Click Purchase Trip • Warning message appears, click OK

  35. Reservation Complete • Ticket restrictions appear at the top page message area • Agency will issue your ticket and send you an email confirmation • Your confirmation numbers will appear on the Reservation Complete page which you can print or download to your calendar • Arrangers can easily book the same trip for other travelers by clicking on Duplicate Trip after entering the name of the traveler they arrange travel for

  36. Reservation Complete • Any trip can be saved as a Trip Template to make it quick and easy to re-book the same air, hotel, car and rail options in the future (also available on the Review Trip page) • Logout if you are finished with your travel arrangements

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