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Sickness Absence Procedures PowerPoint Presentation
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Sickness Absence Procedures

Sickness Absence Procedures

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Sickness Absence Procedures

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  1. Sickness Absence Procedures

  2. NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE PROCEDURE: 1st DAY OF ABSENCE Inform your manager no later than half an hour after your normal start time on you 1st day of absence ABSENT FOR 3 DAYS OR LESS Complete a self certificate on your 1st day back at work during your return to work interview ABSENT FOR 4 DAYS OR MORE Complete a self certificate on the 4th day and send it to your line manager

  3. NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE PROCEDURE: ABSENT FOR 7 DAYS OR MORE Obtain a doctors certificate and send it to your line manager on the 7th day. Subsequent doctors notes should be sent to your manager the day before current certificate expires. 2 WEEKS OR MORE Telephone your line manager every two weeks to update him / her

  4. CERTIFICATION: • Forward all sick certificates to the Occupational Health and • safety for monitoring purposes. • Saturdays and Sundays should be included in the counting days if • the illness occurred on those days. If you work shifts, your “off” days • will be counted in the same way. • If you do not submit the self certificate after 4 days or a doctor’s • certificate after 7 days of absence you will not be paid for this period of absence. • It is your responsibility to ensure that your line manager is kept fully • and regularly informed

  5. RETURN TO WORK: • You will usually be seen by your line-manager to discuss your absence and any welfare considerations. • If it is likely that your illness will be a long term issue your manager • will arrange to see you within a week of returning to work to discuss • this issue in more detail. • You may also need to meet the Nursing Advisor or a member of HR.

  6. SICK PAY 1: • Applies within a rolling period of 12 months. • Dependson length of service and how much entitlement has been • taken in the last 12 months.

  7. SICK PAY 2: Please note that if you behave in a manner likely to retard recovery or attempt to abuse the Scheme in any way where it is evident that the illness or injury was the direct result of your own negligence or misconduct – including outside work the University reserves the right to withhold payment of Occupational Sick Pay. Third Party Claims If you are making a claim against a third party (e.g. after a car accident) you must Include in the claim, the cost of Statutory Sick Pay and Occupational Sick pay received as a result of the injury or illness. When such a claim is successful you must reimburse the University the appropriate costs of sick pay.

  8. ABSENCE AND ANNUAL LEAVE: • SHORT TERM • If you are ill whilst on annual leave inform your line manager. • Forward a doctors certificate – if there is a charge made for a • Certificate for a period of less than 7 days this can be recovered from the University. • Days covered by a medical certificate will be reimbursed by the • University. • LONG TERM • In the case of long term absence you will be entitled to your annual leave on return to work • If this return to work occurs after the previous leave you may only • carry up to 5 days.

  9. SHORT TERM / INTERMITTENT / PERSISTENT ABSENCE: • Where a pattern is evident or where there is an unreasonable number of days absence the following process will apply: • 1st STAGE: • You will attend an interview with your line manager and HR. You • may be accompanied by a friend, colleague or union representative. • At this stage the interview aims to help you to reduce your absence and no further action may be taken. • You may be referred to the Nursing Practitioner. • Your future absences will be monitored and a record of the meeting will be made.

  10. NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE PROCEDURE: 2nd STAGE If the objectives set in the first stage are not met there will be a further Interview. If no new information has been received you will receive A written warning outlining the improvement expected. 3rd STAGE If there is not improvement you will either receive a final warning or a dismissal hearing will be convened. This procedure does not fall into the University’s disciplinary procedures and will use a reasonable timescale for improvement and will only be used if little or no improvement is made.

  11. NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE PROCEDURE: • RIGHT OF APPEAL • There is a right of appeal against warnings. • This should be done in writing to the Director of HR within 7 days • of the warning or dismissal. • Please note that you also have a statutory right to see any report about yourself and you will be given this opportunity will be • available throughout the process.

  12. LONG TERM ABSENCE: • You will be invited to attend a meeting at HR with your line manager within your first month of absence and you maybe accompanied by a friend, colleague or union representative. • The purpose of the meeting is to establish the nature and expected duration of the illness, keep you up to date with what is happening in the workplace. • If you are unable to attend a representative from HR, the Nurse Practitioner or your line manager could visit you at home. • Further interviews will take place every 6-8 weeks.

  13. LONG TERM ABSENCE: • Where possible within 6 weeks of the doctors first certificate you will • be asked to visiting the Occupational Health Doctor and maybe asked • For permission to contact your GP/consultant. • If you can not return to your previous post immediately where practical the following options will be explored: • Redeployment • Alternative duties • Reintroduction to the workplace on a part time basis • Retraining, rehabilitation or workplace adjustment During this process contact will be maintained on a regular basis By the line manager or HR.

  14. INABILITY TO RETURN TO WORK: • If it appears that you are unable to return to work or return to work in any capacity for the foreseeable future and there is not other practicable alternative, then your employment with the University may be terminated on the ground of ill health. • You can appeal this decision in writing to the Director of HR or nominated representative and an appeal hearing will be convened. • In the event of conflicting medial opinion the University will seek a third opinion from an independent consultant.

  15. Ill HEALTH RETIREMENT: If you are a member of either USS or the University Pension Scheme ill health early retirement may be an option.

  16. DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT: The above act makes it unlawful to discriminate against anyone who Has a disability defined under the act and the University will make any Reasonable adjustment it can practicably be expected to do under the Act.