what s up with nclb and its impact on the k 12 markets n.
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What’s Up With NCLB and Its Impact on the K-12 Markets? PowerPoint Presentation
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What’s Up With NCLB and Its Impact on the K-12 Markets?

What’s Up With NCLB and Its Impact on the K-12 Markets?

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What’s Up With NCLB and Its Impact on the K-12 Markets?

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  1. What’s Up With NCLB and Its Impact on the K-12 Markets? Steven Pines, Executive Director Education Industry Association March, 2008

  2. About the Education Industry Association (EIA) The leading trade association for private providers of K-12 education services, products, curricula and supplies. • Advocacy and public relations • B2B ventures, networking, professional development (EDVentures Conference, July 21-23, San Diego) • Special interest groups –SES-tutoring, Schools, Special/Alternative Education

  3. Key Players In SES • US DoE issues guidance/regulations • SEAs determines and notifies LEAs with Schools in Needs Improvement status • SEAs approve SES providers, monitor, collect data, evaluate and remove Providers from State list • LEAs contract with providers; local administration • Parents select providers, through informed choice. • Providers, including LEAs, market and deliver services-great variety in ratios, pedagogy, intensity, experience

  4. SES Market • Up to 15% of Title 1, or about $2 BB, annual opportunity (5% set-aside for transporation for Choice) • About $600-700 MM expended in 2006-2007; will rise dramatically • Enrollment levels up sharply (about 500,000 last school year) as more school are in Needs Improvement status • Over 3,000 approved providers-great variety • PPA ranges between $900-$2,200

  5. Potential SES Opportunities • At SEA level: • Assessment/accountability for AYP • Evaluation design to isolate SES effects • Develop student information/data collection/reporting system

  6. Potential SES Opportunities • At LEA level: • Develop data collection/reporting system • Customer service survey design and execution (principals, parents, etc.) • Evaluation

  7. Potential SES Opportunities • At Provider level: • Use of research-based content and methods • Staff development (Spec. Ed and ELL) • Data collection and reporting • Evaluation strategies • Sales/Marketing to districts and enrollment management to parents (e.g. call centers)

  8. Key Issues in SES/Re-structuring Provisions • Higher standards for provider approval and program evaluation • Funding: 20% (or less) of Title I set-aside for SES or Xtended Learning • Re-allocation of unspent funds remain available for SES • Use of highly qualified teacher definition for tutors • School districts as SES providers • House draft eliminates role of for profits to manage schools and caps # of schools for restructuring

  9. NCLB—Where we are Today • Senate currently drafting bill-April Mark-up? • Bipartisanship is required (different from House) • Cynicism continues on role of private sector • Push for flexibility in school district AYP accountability measures (like House) • Reduces # of schools and students for school improvement by making it easier to “make AYP” • Greatly reduces potential demand for SES, school restructuring services, etc.

  10. NCLB – Where we Are Today: • House Discussion Draft: • Eliminates role of for-profits from most of the services just described • Dilutes LEA accountability through multiple measures (not just reading and math assessments to make AYP) • Fewer schools and students identified for school improvement services • Introduces additional interventions • Draft criticized by all; under revision pending progress by Senate

  11. Presidential Candidates Views on NCLB • Senator Clinton —more influenced by AFT/NEA • “Rewrite it” • Opposes choice provisions like vouchers • Called SES providers Halliburton-like • Emphasis on teacher quality/PD/mentors • Universal Pre K • Senator Obama: • “Improve it” • Assess higher order skills besides Reading and Math for AYP • Open mind on vouchers based on research findings • New grants for teacher corps, PD/merit pay • State grants for voluntary Pre K • Senator Mc Cain: • “Just tweak it” • Full support for competition by private sector (innovation) • Parent empowerment through expanded SES and Choice-programs • Merit pay for teachers; alternative certification; more PD • No federal role in Pre K—role of better parenting

  12. So……? • Perfect storm of: • Short legislative calendar • Higher Education Act now going to Conference Committee • 3 candidates on Senate HELP Committee, and • Presidential election • NCLB already extended one year. Status quo through 2010 school year likely scenario • Still vital to get best language in draft bills-benchmark for future • If no new legislation, USDoE, through pilots/waiver authority or regulations, may: • Expand pilots for SES (flip and LEA as provider) • Restrict unused SES carry over funds • Focus on ELL, Spec. ED and Title I for high school • And ….?

  13. A Call to Action • Join a trade association to amplify the industry’s message- We are currently out-spent by teacher unions • View public schools as partners, not customers • Perform at highest standards: ethics and program quality • Focus on accountability provisions; not simply your special interest section in the Act • Engage Members of Congress with the message that you deliver results for students and schools. Education Industry Association 800-252-3280