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  1. STYLE GUIDE AND USAGE INSTRUCTIONS • Ryder System Inc. • Corporate Powerpoint • Template

  2. Style Guide Copy and paste elements from the following pages for use in your presentation

  3. Black 38.38.38 RGB CMYK 15% Grayscale Slider Gray 191.191.191 RGB CMYK 75% Grayscale Slider Red 202.31.47 RGB CMYK PANTONE 186C COLOR PALETTE This slide is used as a reference only. All type and color specifications throughout any presentation should adhere to these standards. Primary Colors Light Gray 226.228.234 RGB CMYK Secondary Colors ( For More Than 4) Light Blue 153.204.255 RGB CMYK Light Green 51.153.102RGB CMYK Light Yellow 255.255.153RGB CMYK Sky Blue 51.102.255 RGB CMYK * This document uses Arial, Arial Bold and Arial Black font family. If your system does not have these fonts available please visit and search for “Arial”. Download and purchase as needed.

  4. <Subtitle here> (Arial, 16pt, Bold, Red) <Bullet List here, Arial, 14pt.,black> <Sub-Bullet 1, Arial, 12pt., black> <Sub-Bullet 2, Arial, 12pt., black> <Sub-Bullet 3, Arial, 12pt., black> Insert Client Logo Optional CONTENT SLIDE LAYOUT (Arial, 22pt., all CAPS, black) <Slide Overview Paragraph here, Arial, 12pt.> - This slide is for reference only. This slide is for reference only. This slide is for reference only. This slide is for reference only. SAMPLE <Subtitle here> (Arial, 16pt, Bold, Red) • <Bullet List here, Arial, 14pt.,black> • <Sub-Bullet 1, Arial, 12pt., black> • <Sub-Bullet 2, Arial, 12pt., black> • <Sub-Bullet 3, Arial, 12pt., black> <Text box, Arial, 12pt., black>

  5. Insert Client Logo Optional SIMPLE CHARTS AND TABLE (using 4 primary colors)

  6. Insert Client Logo Optional PIE CHART (using 4 primary colors)

  7. COMPLEX CHARTS (using primary and secondary colors)

  8. LINE CHART (using 4 primary colors)

  9. SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS AUTOMOTIVE TRANSPORTATION MGMT. CONSUMER PRODUCTS RENTAL FOOD & BEVERAGE ALTERNATE COVERS 11 additional covers have been designed specific to Ryder’s product lines and the industries we serve. Alternative presentations using these covers are available for download on Ryder’s Brand Center in the PowerPoint Template section. Product Line Industry • plus: • Corporate (standard) • Fleet Management Solutions • Dedicated Contract Carriage • plus: • Construction • High Tech & Electronics • Industry Generic

  10. Usage Instructions Having trouble using the deck? The next slides have some helpful tips for troubleshooting.

  11. FORMAT OLD PRESENTATIONS IN NEW TEMPLATE Open your old presentation. Be sure the Normal View icon is selected in the lower left hand corner of your screen. or…in the menu bar, choose View, then choose Normal. In the Preview pane at the left, right click on the slide you would like to be the cover slide (usually the first slide.) Select Slide Design.

  12. FORMAT OLD PRESENTATIONS IN NEW TEMPLATE (cont.) The Slide Design Preview pane will open at the far right of the screen. Right-click the Ryder template (blank.pot) and Apply to Selected Slides. Answer YES to copy other masters into your presentation for later use. In the preview pane to the left, highlight the rest of your slides.Inthe slide design pane to the right, select the content slide design (Notice there are two formats – one for the cover and one for the content page) and Apply to Selected Slides. Note:Since margins, title locations, etc. are different in the new template, some slide re-formatting will be necessary.

  13. Insert Client Logo Optional USING TEXT BOXES AND BULLETED LISTS Select the text within the text box and hit “CTRL-C” to copy Hit “CTRL-V” to paste the text in the desired location An icon that looks like this: will appear just below the text box Click on the icon and the “Paste Options” will appear: To maintain the same format that was copied, click on the option “Keep Source Formatting”

  14. Insert Client Logo Optional USING PRE-DETERMINED BULLET FORMATS Select the lines of text you want to add bullets to. On the Formatting toolbar, click the “Bullets” icon: For the selected lines/bullets, click the “Increase Indent” for the predetermined bullet format to display: To create a sub-bullet with the bulleted list, hit the “Increase Indent” button again ______________________________ ALTERNATIVE: Copy and past the text box with bulleted list found on slide #4 in this presentation

  15. ABOUT PRINTING Most end-user print settings default to “Grayscale” for the color, in an effort to reduce color print costs. In the “Grayscale” mode, some elements of the presentation may not print correctly. Therefore, to print your final presentation, be sure the print settings are changed to “Color”, even if you are sending it to a black/white printer.

  16. Sample Slides The following are some examples of generally, how slides should look when your presentation is complete.

  17. INTRODUCTION Ryder offers an integrated solution yielding real business value, proven across multiple industries, and backed by an executive commitment. • Attendees / Roles • Ryder attendee 1 • Attendee title • Ryder attendee 2 • Attendee title • Ryder attendee 3 • Attendee title • Agenda • Topic 1 • Topic 2 • Topic 3 • Topic 4 • Topic 5

  18. RYDER AT-A-GLANCE Year Ryder Began1933 2006 Revenue$6.30 Billion 2006 Net Earnings$249 Billion Total Square Feet leased by Ryder11.2 Million Freight Under Management$2.92 Billion Carriers Under Contract1,400 Vehicles 165,900 Employees 28,600 Fortune 500 Rank375 NYSER Global Headquarters Miami Canada Headquarters Toronto Latin America Headquarters Miami Europe Headquarters London Asia Headquarters Singapore China Headquarters Shanghai Equipment, Systems, & Processes in place to serve more than 14,000 clients globally Approximately 1,600 Ryder-managed Locations around the world

  19. Ryder Divisions 32% 59% 9% RYDER DIVISIONS Over the last 15 years, Ryder has consolidated into three major divisions: fleet management, supply chain solutions and dedicated contract carriage. Within these, we offer a comprehensive suite of transportation and logistics solutions to companies around the globe. REVENUE BY DIVISION Dedicated Contract Carriage Supply Chain Solutions Fleet Management $4.09 Billion $2.03 Billion $0.57 Billion CHANGE IN PRODUCT MIX 1991 - 2006 2006 1991 Fleet Management Public Transport Aviation Dedicated Contract Carriage ` Auto Carriers Supply Chain Solutions Consumer Rental

  20. London, UK. Dusseldorf, DE. Toronto, CA. Shanghai, CN. Miami, FL. Taiwan Mexico, D.F. Singapore Sao Paulo, BR. Buenos Aires, AR. Santiago, CL. RYDER WORLDWIDE For over 70 years, Ryder has provided a complete array of leading-edge supply chain, logistics and transportation solutions for multiple industry sectors in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Services range from developing global supply chain strategies to managing and executing day-to-day logistics operations.