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Winter Holiday Travel Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Winter Holiday Travel Tips

Winter Holiday Travel Tips

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Winter Holiday Travel Tips

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  1. Winter Holiday Travel Tips

  2. Winter Travel Winter travel is really a wonderful adventure. Most of the people wish to travel in winter to enjoy the chilling climate but traveling in the winter isn’t that easy. However, with proper planning one can have an enjoyable and memorable winter travel. You will have to pack more clothes than your summer travel. Frequent travelers know all the the ins and outs of travel. From booking the flight tickets to packing the clothes, there are a lot of things to note before starting the winter travel.

  3. Winter Travel Tips for Flying • Pay attention to layover times for connection flights. • Check the weather at connection cities. • Don’t wrap gifts. • Choose a morning flight as the options for alternate flights are greatly increased in case of flight cancellation. • Follow your airline and airport on social media for the updates. • Charge your devices before you enter the flight.

  4. Winter Travel Packing Essentials • Winter Boots and Woollen Socks • Finger Gloves • Clothing • Winter Hats

  5. Winter Boots and Woollen Socks Keep the feet warm with woollen socks and winter boots. A good pair of boots will make your winter experience exponentially better. As the feet are most commonly in contact with the snow, it is important to keep it warm. Feet are prone to cooling faster than other parts of our body. Hence by warming the feet, rest of the body can also be quickly warmed. Requirements for good winter travel shoes:- • Weatherproof • Light on lacing • Dark colored

  6. 2. Finger Gloves Gloves offer invaluable warmth and protection when the temperature drops. Winter gloves can range from simple leather designs to fully featured models. Before you choose the best insulated gloves, consider the factors like your gender, age, activity level, basal metabolic rate. Requirements for winter finger gloves:- • Weatherproof • Light and low bulk • Quick drying material • Have some type of grip • Breathable

  7. 3. Clothing • It is essential to wear a quality base layer to prevent the body from becoming too cool. • Layer on a full sleeve top over the thermals. • Wear a warm sweater • Carry a heavy coat based on the travel destination • Carry two pairs of travel pants • 2-3 sweaters that are made of wool

  8. 4. Winter Hats Every cold-weather wardrobe needs one of the best winter hats. Winter hats are great products to use to keep our heads warm especially during the cold days of winter. the best types of winter hats you could buy are those made out of fur. Don’t shop for those products that look fashionable but buy those that help you with the cold.

  9. Some Accessories to Consider Book a trip to your favorite winter destination and carry these essentials. • Sunglasses, to prevent from the weak winter sunlight • Sunscreen, to prevent from the winter sunburn • Lower-body base layer, to keep your legs comfortable in the cold • Blanket scarves, to prevent the ears from the entry to cold air

  10. Use Food to Stay Warm It is essential to have food especially chocolates while traveling in winter. It is because when staying out in the cold for many hours, your body burns a lot of energy in order to keep warm. Hence eating a chocolate is a necessity. While going out on a cross country skiing adventure like for Aspen tour packages, always have some chocolate. Another important thing is thermos of hot chocolate, tea or coffee to prevent from dehydration in cold climate.