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Cardio Pilates & Stretch PowerPoint Presentation
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Cardio Pilates & Stretch

Cardio Pilates & Stretch

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Cardio Pilates & Stretch

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  1. Cardio Pilates & Stretch Mat & Small Apparatus Full Body Workout and Stretch Free 2B Me Fitness : Boutique Studio 4 Women

  2. When: Tuesday's 10am Where:The Brookside Centre, Caroline Springs $12 casual drop in rate. $105 for a 10 visit pass. Small groups for personal care. Bring your mat and drink bottle. Spots limited, please book.

  3. Benefits of Pilates: Pilates stretch based workouts offer so many benefits for your entire body. Benefits of regular sessions can be felt within just a few sessions and regular practise helps to strengthen all of the bodies stabilising muscles. These include the deep abdominal muscles, upper and lower back muscles, pelvic muscles and posture is greatly improved. Weekly Pilates practise also increases joint flexibility and functionality, which is very important for mobility as we age. Regular Pilates stretch sessions helps to tone lean muscle and provides an all over body workout. Our Cardio Pilates Workout includes a program incorporating the use of small apparatus such as block and ring workouts for an all over exciting and challenging session.

  4. Pelvic Floor Health Program 1 in 3 mothers suffer from weakened pelvic floor muscles following child birth, which can lead to leakage. Leakage can occur during exercise/sport, coughing, sneezing and or laughing. This uncomfortable & inconvenient problem is often pushed aside and not discussed. However, women do not have to suffer from a weakened pelvic floor. Many forms of exercise can put pressure on the pelvic floor muscles actually making the condition worse and in some cases lead to a prolapse. Therefore, it is really important to participate in an exercise program which is run by a registered fitness professional with recognised experience in post & post natal exercise, so you can feel confident that you are participating in a safe fitness program to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Our Pelvic Floor Health Program is a combination of specialised Pilates and focused exercise routines to help correct and strengthen your pelvic floor. Resulting in – no more leakage! Our next six week program starts on 16/2/16