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THE THOMAS COOK GROUP “IT & Call Centers for Improved Customer Service” PowerPoint Presentation
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THE THOMAS COOK GROUP “IT & Call Centers for Improved Customer Service”

THE THOMAS COOK GROUP “IT & Call Centers for Improved Customer Service”

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THE THOMAS COOK GROUP “IT & Call Centers for Improved Customer Service”

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  2. The Thomas Cook Group Ltd- a leading travel and financial services group • Established over 150 years ago • Serving 20 million customers • 3,000 offices, a global footprint of 110,000 service points in 160 countries • Provides financial services to 4,500 financial institutions • Gross sales in 1997 £20 billion

  3. Arrivals (m) 700 600 Key ‘85-’95 CAGR (%) ‘95-’00 CAGR (%) 500 4.9 7.1 12.0 9.5 1.7 3.8 3.4 6.2 8.8 8.0 5.4 9.3 Europe 400 Americas E. Asia and 300 Pacific Africa 200 Middle East South Asia 100 6.2 5.0 Total 0 1985 1990 1995 2000 Source: WTO Forecast Serving needs of travellers expected to be a growth market Travel Abroad Is Growing Rapidly To All Regions

  4. Rationale behind the creation of the Global Services business • Strategic review in 1996 identified a number of challenges for Group… • Impact of EMU in 2002 • Plastic card substitution affecting travellers cheques growth … plus market research identified major traveller needs not presently being met… • 60% of consumers expressed concern “something may go wrong” • Over 50% of consumers experienced “difficulties” whilst away from home • Considerable dissatisfaction in getting help to “sort out” problems Travellers require a contemporary global solution to all their needs while away from home

  5. 1 INCREASING 2 PRIORITY 3 4 ORDER Service needs away from home Emergency - medical and legal assistance - language assistance Lost and stolen items: help, advice and arrangements to rectify the problem - credit cards, cash, travellers cheques - luggage, personal items - passports, tickets Convenience, comfort, reliability - ability to change travel plans / finances, when they need it, where they need it One-stop travel information, advice and booking - air, rail, sea, hotel and car hire - pre-trip eg visa, local events etc - in-trip eg, booking restaurant, tours - Difficult to access - Language difficulties - a major problem - No single point of contact - Who do they turn to for help?

  6. Thomas Cook Global Services A comprehensive, multi-lingual, one-stop, global traveller service, 24 hours, 365 days a year We are now able to realise & share the substantial intellectual collateral of information & knowledge we have developed & have access to, by harnessing technology & telephony

  7. Our Mission Statement Wherever you are in the world, no matter what time of day or night, in your language, from one phone call, Thomas Cook Global Services will offer immediate assistance and action to solve any traveller need

  8. A unique combination of Emergency, Travel, Financial and Special Services, World-wide • Emergency • Emergency cash and bill payment • Medical and legal referrals • Advice and assistance for lost travel documents and passports • Lost and stolen card reporting • Card replacement • Card registration • Emergency translation • Travel • Air and hotel information and reservations • Car hire information and reservations • Rail and sea information and reservations • Travel and health advice • Financial • Money transfers • Money access points • Home or hotel delivery of travellers cheques and FX • Currency advice • Travel insurance • Special Services • Translation and interpretation services • Global directory enquiries • Global telephony • Global messaging • Courier services • Card and document registration • Gift delivery service ‘One call does it all’ - designed to keep a vacation or business trip going

  9. Network overview Breakdown by ownership Breakdown by service activity ~100 countries ~1,600 cities and towns ~3,000 service points TC owned locations ~1,300 Network licenses(1) ~1,300 Franchise associates(2) ~400 Total ~3,000 Retail travel shops ~1,700 Full service locations ~600 (travel and FX together) FX bureaux and implants ~500 Others ~200 Total ~3,000 THOMAS COOK HAVE A SUBSTANTIAL GLOBAL FOOTPRINT TO PROVIDE A TRULY GLOBAL SOLUTION In total we have over 100,000 service points including our external partners (e.g. MoneyGram) all seamlessly connected to our call centre/global hub through our technology & telephony Note: (1) Includes AAA partnership (2) Includes Marlin and CAA travel in Canada

  10. So wherever the traveller is... ...Thomas Cook Global Services can fulfil locally.

  11. System Platform People Physical Environment Cultural Environment • State of the art • Geographic information core • Flexible & efficient • Interactive • Multi-functional & scaleable • A window on the world • Professional • Multi-lingual • Multi-skilled • Service focused • Intelligent & vibrant • Uniform image • Team-focused • International perspective & outlook • Functional yet fun • High tech • Focus on performance • Global • Bright and dynamic • Co-habitation of a sales & emergency culture • Multi-cultural • Multi-national • Multi-ethnic • Multi-denominational • Inclusive communication strategy • Customer-centred culture WE HAVE INVESTED HEAVILY IN OUR FOUR KEY ASSETS, AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO INVEST


  13. UK &IRELAND Birmingham ................. FRANCE Paris Scenario 1 An English person in Paris has her wallet stolen. It contained her debit and credit cards and airline tickets. She called TCGS to report the loss. Whilst handling the loss TCGS also mentioned several supplementary services which helped her to overcome the in-convenience. ...... TCGS made a new airline reservation and re-issued new tickets to be collected by her at the airport. TCGS also reserved an airport hotel for her overnight stay. The customer reported the loss to the local police. The reporting process was very lengthy so she missed the last flight from Paris to Birmingham.

  14. Scenario 2 The father contacts TCGS to wire the money to his son in Prague. This will be sent to the nearest service point in the Thomas Cook Global Footprint. The father also enquires as to the nearest dentist & whether a car can be hired for his son. An American student is at the beginning of a tour in Europe when he loses the crown from a tooth. AMERICAS TCGS arranges for the money to be transferred from the father’s credit card to the son in Prague. TCGS also identifies an English speaking dentist, and arranges for both the funds and the dentist’s contact details to be delivered to the son in his hotel, where there is a hire car waiting too. CZECHREPUBLIC Prague He does not have the funds to pay for remedial work so he contacts his father in the US, who agrees to wire the money.

  15. Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 COMMON INTERFACE ATM World Wide Web E-Mail Fax PC Client Phone Video Kiosk EFT/POS THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE... Customers gain access to a wide range of products and services which we have through GDS, bespoke database connections, internal databases etc. Customer access is potentially via any touch point, though our focus in year one has been the telephone.

  16. Finance Manuf. FieldService PC Client World Wide Web Fax CustomerInformation Phone Service& Support Enterprise Business Centre Video Kiosk E-Mail Marketing EFT/POS Sales ATM ProductDevelopment The Enterprise Business Centre Information includes: flight schedules, car hire & hotel rates, medical/legal databases, climate, visa/health, safety/war risk, concierge services etc Single point of contact for any business transaction

  17. Customer Access to our Travel Services • Unique Telephone Numbers for ABC Company • Computer Telephony Integration • Digital Mapping Technology • Language of caller identified, call routed to appropriate language speaker • The Corporate identity known“Good Morning ABC Company” • Origin of call identified“I see you are in Paris…..” • Precise location of customer“I can see there is an Embassy around the corner from you…..”

  18. Guided Business Process Our training & development means that customers receive ‘value add focused’ & not ‘process-led’ service , supported by world class technology & information, which - • Enforces a Customer-centred culture • Allows Representatives to Support a Wider Variety of Calls • Maximises Revenue Per Transaction • Faster Implementation of New Products & Services • Consistent, High Quality Levels • Much Lower Training Costs Representatives are provided with the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information, they then use their own knowledge of the customer’s language, country and culture to pass on the information and assist the customer

  19. Company A Company B New Business Cross Selling Common Interface & Business Logic ATM World Wide Web E-Mail Fax PC Client Phone Video Kiosk EFT/POS Consumer Business Integration

  20. The Global Services Call Centre covers almost 30 languages Swedish Russian Arabic Dutch Greek Cantonese Polish Mandarin Japanese Other Portuguese Spanish Italian German French Others include Norwegian, Korean, Malay, Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi and Bengali


  22. CASE STUDY 1 - “EGG” • Relaunch of Prudential Bank in the UK • Differentiator from competitors in increasingly competitive UK direct banking marketplace • Add value to your service and justify higher price • Enhance loyalty & customer retention • Develop new services and revenue streams GLOBAL SERVICES IS A TRULY GLOBAL AND COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION THAT ADDS CONSIDERABLE VALUE... • CASE STUDY 2 - “HONG KONG & SHANGHAI BANK” • Added value benefit for targeted Asset Advantage customers (high value customer segment) • Differentiator from competitors in highly competitive Hong Kong marketplace • Segment customer base by bundling different services • Enhance loyalty & customer retention • Create a safety net to back up “out of hours” service We create tailored customer focused solutions to add value to our partners’ propositions

  23. Corporate Programme Out of Hours Service/ Emergencies - Global Services Call Button on Telephones Marketing OpportunitiesDifferent Options can be adopted based on Customer Segmentation Loyalty Programme “ABC Club” Stand-Alone ABC Global Assist GLOBAL SERVICES CORPORATE CUSTOMER Value Added Services - Company ABCGlobal Services Calling Card/Credit Card ABC Customer Service Programme

  24. Achieve Customer Segmentation - Hotel or Airline Loyalty Programme EMERGENCY FINANCIAL TRAVEL SPECIAL + + + The Platinum Card Upsell travel and special services EMERGENCY FINANCIAL The Gold Card + + EMERGENCY The Silver Card + Upsell other selected services

  25. IN SUMMARY... • Thomas Cook is much more than a UK retail-based travel company • Our focus is on profitable, sustainable business to business partnerships • Our brand, comprehensive product range, leading edge access & systems and global footprint provide a unique proposition • Our turnkey proposition can create significant customer competitive advantage through tailored solutions • We have a clear competitive advantage through our 4 key assets: • TECHNOLOGY & TELECOMMUNICATIONS • PEOPLE • CULTURE • INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE