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Leader as Coach

Leader as Coach

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Leader as Coach

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  1. Leader as Coach with IL International

  2. What is Coaching? • We all know that there is more potential in us than we currently show in our lives. If we knew how to surface our potentials we would have already done so. The reality is that most of us don’t. In coaching we get to surface our greatest potential.

  3. What is a Coach? • A coach is a thinking partner. • A coach can be a shoulder to lean on. • A coach stands for your greatness • A Sounding board • Facilitates Problem-Solving • A stand for your greatness and success

  4. Coaching Is Creating New EmpoweringAlternatives And it is to… • Lead and not Follow • Belief and not Doubt • Create and not Destroy • Defy All Limitations • Raise Their Standards • Step Up Continuously • Connect and Not Judge

  5. Executive Coaching • Coaching Skills for Executives are growing more popular as a way to develop both individuals and groups in a corporate setting. Why? Recent studies, as well as our own first hand experiences, show executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization.

  6. What Coaching is NOT • Coaching is not Counseling • Coaching is not Therapy • Coaching is not giving advice • Coaching is not Consulting

  7. Making the most… Is your organization making the best use of the effectiveness of coaching? For the development of coaching skills, which realistically can take years to develop, it is never too early to start. Group coaching programs are very effective and have the added benefits of strengthening group identity, building trust, openness and shared culture among the learners. Group coaching provides live demonstration and modeling of the coaching process while sharing challenges and learning among a peer group. In coaching we realize that we all have more potential no matter what our rank or social position. The program will create the required level of openness for the program to be effective. Our programs are custom designed to align with your company culture.

  8. Key Learning Outcomes At the conclusion of this 2-day course, participants will: • Learn and practice B-FRST (+) PLAS - GROW model • Distinguish between data and interpretation & feelings • Practice mirroring and paraphrasing • Learn to give feedback effectively • Practice committed listening and speaking

  9. Objectives • Create Paradigm Shifts that : • Hold self and others accountable. • Choose an optimistic world view point, expect to succeed. • Create Systems that : • Learn how to use the B-FRST PLAS GROW model in giving feedback. • Build emotional intelligence, particularly self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills and relationship management. • Task Accomplishment : • Learn to listen for appreciation, to understand, for the feeling and for commitment • Give feedback in an empowering way. • Learn and practice coaching upward, sideward and downward • Create a coach-able point of view 1

  10. Day 1-Module 1 • 4X4 + 5 Performance Coaching: A Systematic & Effective Approach • What is Coaching? What’s Possible for Me and My Company? • B-FRST PLAS GROW Coaching Model: 4 Steps X 4 Skills + 5 Habits • Choose Your Attitude: The Foundations of Change/The Foundation of Coaching • Me a Coach? What’s my profile? • The Paradigm-System-Task of Coaching: An Effective Approach • Leading Resonant Teams • B-FRST • Balance • Focus • Reinforce • Specificity • Timeliness

  11. DAY 1-Module 2 • PLAS • Plan • Listening Skills: Listen from Appreciation, Listen to Understand • Ask & Suggest • Set Agreements

  12. DAY 2-Module 3 • Unlocking The Roots of Poor Performance • 8 Unproductive Habits – Roots of Poor Performance • Personal and Organization Assessment • 4 Steps of Effectiveness • Listening Skills • Listening for the Feeling • Listening for Commitment • How to Get Unstuck: 3 Distinctions • Raising Predictable Performance Into A New Level

  13. Day 2-Module 4 • Performance Coaching: Bridging the Gaps in Competence and Performance • Practical Breakthrough Skills: Seeing New Options • Coaching Downward, Sideways & Upward • My Life Purpose & Stand as a Coach • Commitment Toward Professional and Performance Development • Creating Your Winning MAP – Massive Action Plan

  14. Coaching Model B-FRST PLAS GROW Goals Reality Options Wins Plan Listen Ask Set Agreements Balance Focus Reinforce Specificity Timeliness

  15. Consultant Profile Jerry Perez de Tagle is the President of IL International with offices in Manila and affiliates in China and Malaysia. He gave the name "IL" to an applied adult learning technology in 1986 and was also an Instructor at Syracuse University, New York, USA. Prior to that, he was the Director of Personnel of the Hilton Hotel in Syracuse, New York. In the early 90’s, he moved to Asia and brought the IL technology to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. With advanced expertise in Training Design/Delivery, Coaching, and Rapid Organization Development, he has been actively serving multi-national companies in Asia and North America. Jerry’s clients include Unilab, Henkel, Shell, Motorola, Philips, Delphi Automotive, Metro Pacific Group, Lufthansa, Holiday Inn, and CitiBank Asia Pacific. He has partnered with Unilab for over thirteen years in designing and delivering management training programs for its Business Units in Asia. Jerry is a PhD Candidate in Organization Development and has been an active speaker in the Asia-Pacific region. He has spoken for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris, Harvard Graduate School of Education in Boston, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) in New York, Hong Kong Institute of Management, Singapore Training and Development Association, Malaysian Institute of Management, Asian Regional Training and Development Organization (ARTDO). He has also published a number of articles on organizational change, training and organization development on a number of management journals in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

  16. Consultant Profile Ma. Elvira Sison Pascual has been a pastoral counselor for the past 4 years since graduating from the Center for Family Ministry at the Ateneo de Manila University. She continues to do pre-marital, marital, family and child counseling and has since encompassed executive and life coaching in her professional experience through her 3 year involvement as managing consultant in coaching, instructional designing, training and facilitation with Integrative Learning International. Her experience in executive coaching includes the IL International client base of line people, middle and top managers of manufacturing, marketing, and service companies, and well as life coaching in a private capacity. She is also currently working on her doctorate in child and family studies at Miriam College to further hone her skills.

  17. Confidentiality, Liability & Refunds All confidential information relative to the business and technology of Unilab shall be kept in confidence by IL International (IL) or any of its representatives or employees and shall not be disclosed by them to any competitor or third party without the prior written consent of Unilab. Similarly, Unilab commits to keep all modules and methods as well as all information revealed and introduced during the work with IL strictly confidential and that it shall not bare, disclose or disseminate to any third party or persons information, data, materials or manuals. In situations of postponement or cancellation of training, the paid deposit or down payment covers for the preparations and meetings prior to the scheduled training. The payments can be carried over for future public or in-house training programs that will be delivered. Unilab and IL hereby undertake to keep each other free and harmless from all claims, liability, and damages, including attorney’s fees and litigation costs, resulting from death or personal injury caused by the fault and/or negligence of either party to its employees, agents, and/or authorized representatives.