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Platinum Point Owners’ Association 2012 AGM PowerPoint Presentation
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Platinum Point Owners’ Association 2012 AGM

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Platinum Point Owners’ Association 2012 AGM
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Platinum Point Owners’ Association 2012 AGM

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  1. Platinum Point Owners’ Association 2012 AGM WELCOME

  2. Repairs • Phase 3 of the courtyard slabbing repair • Scaffolding hole, roofing, render and water penetration repairs • Widespread repair of light sensors in stairs, timer switches, and sections of lighting in garage • Foyer and basement repainting programme • Making good GS/Administrator electrical wiring, signage, bollards, etc. • Repair and repainting of bollards at WHB • Black tiling subsidence on wheelchair ramp entrance to courtyard at WHW/WHD

  3. Improvements • From Last Year’s AGM • Implementation of planting proposals around the development as agreed at last year’s AGM • Tidying up of bluestone bed at corner of WHW/WHD • Service/Efficiency Improvements • Booking process for visitor spaces in the car park • Setting up PPOA Owners discussion Forum hosted on the PPOA website

  4. Improvements • Security related • Disabling of Basement door latches • 2 WHB Automatic Door Closure – stair funded initiative • Installation of grille on garage exit gate • Establishing locked bike and general store facilities • Upgrade of CCTV Control System • Installation of visual ties on fire doors to highlight security breaches • Installation of lock shrouds to the basement doors • Installation of locks onto service cupboards to secure core services

  5. Platinum Point factor billing A presentation by North Kerr

  6. Platinum Point Average costsBilling Period 29/8/11 – 28/8/12 for 2 WHP

  7. Platinum Point Average costs Billing period 29/8/11 – 28/8/122 WHP

  8. Platinum Point Owners Survey

  9. 100 Surveys submitted – up from 88 last year

  10. General Picture

  11. Caretaker / Concierge • Significant increase (28 percentage points) in Satisfactory responses regarding the caretaker/concierge.

  12. Concierge comments “I think the caretaker/concierge post has been a great success and significantly adds to the amenity of the development.” • So pleased to see the power washing of the courtyard, and would appreciate it on a regular basis to prevent build up of algae.. • I think he could be doing more on getting rid of the weeds that are coming up in-between the concrete slabs and stairs around the complex and courtyard. He could not only do a little bit of weeding as the weeds pop up, but also spray weed killer on a regular basis as and when required. Because, currently this does not seem to be being attended to. • Caretaker is brilliant but think it may be unfair to expect him to do some of the repair works e.g. repairing slabs, filling. Hence, maintenance work can appear sloppy: repairs aren't 'made good' e.g. where closure on door to garage was replaced, screw holes not filled/sanded/painted. Sometimes looks like a bodge job. These are having a collective visual impact and things can look tired and tatty. a

  13. Gardening

  14. Gardening comments “The landscaping is looking good and I would like to see this continue to develop.”....... • planting of Lavender bushes along WHD and WHP in front of the car park grids • the strip of grass at WHP to be extended as far as the bushes • gaps in the bushes along WHP to be filled in and the area tidied up • gaps in the bushes near 3 WHW to be filled with Pyrocanthus • gaps in WHW hedging to be rectified • broken off tree at the top of WHW that is dying is to be removed • hedging gaps along the railings near the centre of the courtyard to be rectified • the white pebbles in the semi circle in the centre of the courtyard to be embedded in concrete to prevent displacement • grey slate area in Western Harbour Drive to get more chips

  15. Maintenance

  16. The Anti Corrosion Project Nic Mayall and Barry Smith

  17. Water in Garage

  18. Ground level corrosion

  19. Beam corrosion

  20. Security • A significant increase in the satisfaction with security (26 percentage points) but still significant number of owners are unsatisfied

  21. Security comments • “Not the factor or PPOA's fault but still not sure what to do about people who leave doors open or buzz strangers in”. • “Security is a thorn in our sides - partly it is due to the building design and in part to owners being careless and leaving opportunities (in the form of open doors) for opportunistic thieves. Maybe a more active NHW scheme would aid us?” • “Less public access to our courtyard”.

  22. Security suggestion

  23. Security suggestion

  24. Factor Responsiveness

  25. Improving amenities • “Less litter from flats and dog mess. Prevention of dogs fouling around the development and dogs and people walking amongst bushes”. • “The ground in the adjacent lot needs to be tidied at least. The fences are in disrepair and would be safer removed”. • “I'd like to see more done to maintain the railings along the breakwater in good condition”

  26. Working wider • “Absolutely. I've lived here (on and off) since 2007 and would dearly love to see an improvement. With the latest council and the increase in area population, it feels as if this may finally begin to happen but the more we can participate, the better”. • “Lets get this area cleaned up and put firmly on the map as "the place to live in Edinburgh”. • “The land between PP and Asda needs tidying or completing. A bit of an eye sore really. Anything there, even grass would be an improvement”. • “Western Harbour has been abandoned by Forth Ports who have moved their interests elsewhere. We should all be working on one focus, together, to apply some pressure on Forth Ports and the council to have some of the utilities and public spaces completed, and public roads adopted”.