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Superior Customer Value

Superior Customer Value

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Superior Customer Value

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  1. Superior Customer Value SAP Live and Local Webcast Tour ‘08 24 April, 2008

  2. CRM is back on the CxO agenda Survey of 114 CxO and senior execs conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, Aug-Sept. 2007

  3. SAP CRM CRM without compromise Simple Flexible Comprehensive Flexible applications and deployment Modular components for incremental business initiatives High user adoption and user productivity Ease of use Choice Innovation

  4. SAP CRM CRM without compromise Simple Flexible Comprehensive Flexible applications and deployment Modular components for incremental business initiatives High user adoption and user productivity Ease of use Choice Innovation

  5. Easy User Interface Configuration • Easily add, re-position or re-label fields • Visual Editor - what you see is what you get

  6. Enterprise Services • Decouple the underlying system functions • Enable “mash ups” of reporting, transactions, non-SAP systems etc • Access the system the way you want: “paper like” forms, dashboards Outlook, widgets, mobile • Preserve integrity of business information

  7. Process Composition

  8. Example Adobe Interactive Forms

  9. Benefits of increased flexibility The speed of adding new fields with the UI configuration tool and the ease of creating and adding access to new Web services … will speed deployment dramatically. The reduction of time for tasks that once took two days to 15 minutes and others that took one hour to only three minutes will make projects faster and quicker to deliver end-user requirements. SAP CRM's ease of application configuration and reconfiguration also will reduce significantly the need for external consultants during configuration implementation. Gartner: 17th December 2007

  10. SAP CRM CRM without compromise Simple Flexible Comprehensive Flexible applications and deployment Modular components for incremental business initiatives High user adoption and user productivity Ease of use Choice Innovation

  11. The complete SAP CRM Solution Marketing E-Commerce Interaction Center Channel Management Marketing Resource Management Segmentation & List Management Campaign Management Trade Promotion Management Lead Management Analytics Access Modes Industry Scenarios Sales Sales Planning & Forecasting Territory Management Accounts & Contacts Opportunity Management Quotation & Order Management Pricing & Contracts Incentive & Commission Management Time & Travel Service Service Order Management Service Contract Management Complaints & Returns In-House Repair Case Management Installed Base Management Warranty Management Resource Planning Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning E-commerce Interaction Centre Channel Mgt Analytics Access Modes

  12. Comprehensive Industry Scenarios End-to-end, industry-specific processes • Telecommunications • Order Management • Financial Services • Full Service Leasing, Account Origination • Public Sector • Grantor Management • Social Services – Social Case Management • Life Sciences • Contract Lifecycle Management • Utilities • Residential Customer Care • Commercial & Industrial Customers • Travel & Transport • Electronic Toll Collection • Consumer Products • Trade Promotions Management • High Tech • Channel Funds / Channel Sales • Media • Intellectual Property Management

  13. Trade Promotions Management Trade Promotions Mgt • 1. Headquarter Planning • Consensus Plan • Sales Budgeting • Schedule Creation Trade Funds Mgt Trade Claims Mgt • 2. Account Planning • Pre-analysis • Event Planning • Promotion Planning • 5. Evaluation & Analysis • KPI Reporting • Syndicated Data • Funds Tracking • 3. Sell-in & Negotiation • Proposal generation • Demand planning • Flexibility • 4. Retail Execution, Validation & Settlement • Field Sales Rep support • Invoicing • Payments

  14. Fund Overview Page

  15. Pipeline Performance Management

  16. SAP Business Communications Mgt Isolated communicationsand systems silos All-software based integrated communications and business process applications Diversity ofUsers Agents Fieldworkers Remote agents Corporate telephony users Traveling experts Automated services Range of Standard Terminals IT Systems Office Telephony Contact Center Mobile Telephony IP Hardphones PCDesktops Mobile Terminals SAP BCM (Communications apps) Office Contact MobileTelephony Center Telephony SAP CRM (Process apps) Software Applications Standard IT and Network Infrastructure PSTN/IN IP Mobile Networks Multiple Communications Channels

  17. SAP BCM business value • Manage distributed cross-functional resources • Leverage corporate knowledge • Provide a seamless customer experience across channels SAP BCM Business Value Better service to customers Faster response times, and improved contact quality and first time resolution rates Consistent service across contact channels Proactive customer need analysis and fulfillment Improved internal performance Higher team and personal efficiency Improved business process performance and quality Better visibility and control to customer facing operations Lower systemTCO Minimal or no hardware and software investments Lower installation, integration and maintenance costs Minimal expansion investment

  18. SAP BCM functionality map Corporate communication services Inbound contact centers Outbound contact centers Personal telephony Mobilecontact centers and telephony Unified Contact Routing IVR and Voicemail Services Online Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis Solution capabilities Centralized Management and Administration Directory and Presence Services Voice Logging

  19. Intent-Driven Interaction (Rule-Based Agent Guidance) Use centrally defined business rules to - trigger and terminate alerts - launch interactive scripts - automatically navigate to any IC or CRM screen - add items to the agent wrap-up (to-do reminder) list - invoke Real Time Offer Management Create your own IC events (used for triggering rules) based on any UI element (such as the click of a specific button) Define your own re-usable alerts via the new Alert Editor

  20. Real Time Offer Management • Marketing • Offers and their value • Target population • Interaction channels • Triggers and events Define offers and manage offer catalogue Recommend best offers Measure and provide insights Learn and adapt 1 2 3 4 • Other real time information • Interaction data • Agent skills • Level of service • External information • Real time customer information • Real time customer profile • Previous customer’s responses RTOM • Optimal recommendation • Cross/up sell offers • Retention offers • Marketing messages • Next best action

  21. Real Time Offer Management: Alert

  22. Real Time Offer Management: Offer List

  23. SAP CRM in Summary Simple Flexible Comprehensive End-to-end functional coverage Easy to Use Flexible to Change

  24. What Now? …throw out all your old notions of the clunky CRM UI. Any SAP customers intending to implement or upgrade any time in the next 12 to 18 months should look no further than CRM 2007. SAP CRM customers that have piloted, trialed or had limited success… should request a demonstration of the new version. SAP R/3 and ERP users that have not had time and resources to adopt SAP CRM should consider the new version…

  25. Eclipse Aviation SAP CRM 2007 upgrade • Interaction Center for Sales and Customer Service • Campaign Mgt for outbound email • CRM 4.0 upgrade (few custom developments) • “Technical plus” upgrade (focused on the new UI) • 5 person team, 2 month project • Rejected due to lack of ERP integration

  26. More information • CRM 2007 demos • • • DUET CRM demos / webinar • • • SAP CRM BPX community • (best practice, business transformation studies, forums, events etc) • • SAP CRM • (Customer Success, Brochures, White papers etc ) •

  27. Our offer to you Economist Intelligence Unit: Improving Customer Relationships an Integrated Approach SAP Whitepaper: CRM Without Compromise – a Strategy for Profitable Growth

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