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Basic Knowledge About Buddhism PowerPoint Presentation
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Basic Knowledge About Buddhism

Basic Knowledge About Buddhism

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Basic Knowledge About Buddhism

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  1. Basic Knowledge About Buddhism By Katherine Bowen 9I

  2. Who Founded Buddhism? It was Siddhartha Gautama Siddhartha Gautama – Was brought up in luxury, living the life of a local prince, surrounded by everything he could want. A wise man called Asita saw Siddhartha as a child and predicted that he would grow up to be a great religious leader and he would give up his luxury life style. He married a woman called Yasodhara, a local princess he won her though winning lots of competitive games, they had a child called Rahula.

  3. Siddhartha father, Shuddhodana, hoped his son would one day take over as ruler, rather than become a religious leader, as had been predicted. He naturally tried to stop Siddhartha becoming a religious leader by not showing or telling him that suffering and death happens, in case it lead him to think more deeply about life.

  4. One day Siddhartha went on a chariot ride, Siddhartha discovered four things he never knew existed, these were: An old man A sick man A corpse A holy man

  5. Siddhartha was determined to find the truth about life and about how to over come suffering. He went and sat under a Bodhi tree and vowed that he would not get up until he found out the truth about life.

  6. Under the Bodhi tree he got enlightened, he resisted great temptations these were them : Women Jealousy Greed

  7. There are different types of Buddhism otherwise known as different types of school. Pure Land Zen Tibetan Mahayana