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The frog and the toad PowerPoint Presentation
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The frog and the toad

The frog and the toad

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The frog and the toad

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  1. The frog and the toad

  2. topics The frog - Different kinds of frogs - Characteristics - The body - Reproduction - Comparison between frog and toad

  3. Different kinds of frogs There are more than 6000 kinds of frogs. They all have different colours and sizes and they live in different countrys, too. Marsh frog

  4. Moor frog Common frog

  5. Wood frog Iberian frog

  6. Mantella baroni Ranofana Poison dart frogs The most poison frogs are very colourfull and deadly.

  7. Characteristics Here you can see the long hindlegs. Frogs are about 7-9 cm long. In Germany the frogs are usually yellow, red, green or brown. They eat insects like flies and others. Frogs have very long hindlegs, so they can jump high and wide. They live in lakes, ponds and other places near water. Some frogs also live in the woods, they come to the water to lay their eggs.

  8. - Frogs haven‘t got a tail. - They have got two very big eyes and can see very well on land and in the water. - They only have got two eardrums - They haven‘t got a nose, but two nostrils - Frogs haven‘t got a neck - Frogs are amphibia - Every kind of frog has a special croak -forgs breath with their skin in water

  9. The body - The frog has got short forelegs and very long hindlegs for jumping. - They have got a shorter backbone as humans. - Between the „toes“ it has a webbing (Schwimmhäute) for swimming. - The eyes of a frog are big and stand out (hervorstehen). - They have an acucate (spitz) mouth.

  10. Reproduction of the frog A general term for fertilization accomplished (stattfinden) outside of the female‘s body, the external fertilization. Frogs don‘t have penises. During the female frog discharges (ablassen) the eggs, usually in water, the male frog sheds sperms on it. Here you can see the female frog with the eggs in the belly.

  11. If two frogs fell in love the female carries the male. Then the female spawns. After about one month the little tadpoles slip. They‘ve got a tail and eat bacteria with their little teeth. They breath trough gills. Last the tail goes away and the little frogs breath with lungs. They can have young ones soon. After a while the hindlegs begin to grow. Then the forelegs grow. The tadpoles eat worms and other small insects now.

  12. Comparison between frog and toad frogs toads - long hindlegs - plump (gedrungen), shorter legs - acuate (spitz) mouth - short mouth - smooth (glatt), wet and moist skin - dry skin with warts (Warzen) - have got teeth - have no teeth Frogs and toads discharge (ablassen) different eggs. Often toads are a bit bigger than frogs.

  13. By Katharina Höwische & Julia Kleine-Bley