frog and toad together n.
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“Frog and Toad Together” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Frog and Toad Together”

“Frog and Toad Together”

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“Frog and Toad Together”

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  1. “Frog and Toad Together”

  2. seized If you seized something, you grabbed it in a sudden strong way.

  3. seized The big trout came out of the pond, seized Mr. Jeremy Fisher, and dove back into the water with him. Which of these items would you NOT want to seize: a hot pan or a basketball? Why

  4. seize What would you seize if you were in a hurry to get to school? Name something at a playground that you would seize. If you seized an egg, what do you think would happen?

  5. tiresomeIf something is tiresome, it is boring.

  6. tiresome Because the fish weren’t biting, Mr. Jeremy Fisher found fishing to be very tiresome. Would it be more tiresome to pull weeds or to ride your bike with friends?

  7. tiresome Name an activity that would NOT be tiresome to you. Which would be more tiresome to you: Going on a long car trip Going on a long walk. How do you feel when you are doing something tiresome?

  8. tremendous If something is tremendous, it is very large and great.

  9. tremendous One fish gave Mr. Jeremy Fisher’s fishing line a tremendous tug. Which of these animals would make a tremendous sound: a lion a mouse

  10. tremendous Name something tremendous you might see at an amusement park. What might your face look like if you saw something tremendous? Why? If an animal made a tremendous noise, would it be loud or soft?

  11. exhaustedIf you are exhausted, you are so tired you can hardly move.

  12. exhausted Frog and Toad were exhausted after their long day. Which would make you feel more exhausted: Writing a long story climbing a rock wall

  13. exhausted If I name an activity that would make you feel exhausted, close your eyes like you are sleeping. running a marathon watching television swimming laps digging deep holes climbing stairs reading a book

  14. outrageous If something is outrageous, it is different in a shocking way.

  15. outrageous It is outrageous that Toad doesn’t want to do anything that is not on his list. Do you think it would be outrageous to dress your dog up in your clothes? Why?

  16. outrageous If I name things that might look outrageous, you should say “Wow!”. If it is not outrageous, you won’t say anything. clowns at school dogs at a park zebras in a shoe store a queen at a post office children at a restaurant bunnies in a pet store

  17. patient If you are patient, you put up with things without complaining.

  18. patient Frog was very patient about trying to find Toad’s list. Is it harder for you to be patient to open a birthday present or go to a special place with your family? Why?

  19. patient I’m going to name some places. Tell your partner why you might have to be patient at each place. a swimming pool a school a grocery store a playground a clothing store a soccer game

  20. Let’s recap…and review what we learned.

  21. If you had to stand in line for two hours to get a free ice cream cone, would you be patient or exhausted? Why? What would be an outrageous name for a tremendous superhero that you might create and draw? Why? Name something that would be tiresome if your job was to seize it over and over again.

  22. With your partner, act out scenarios that show your understanding of the robust vocabulary words. You are dressed in an outrageous outfit. Show how the people on the street react as you walk by. You feel a tremendous shaking coming from the ground. Show how you might walk.

  23. With your partner, act out scenarios that show your understanding of the robust vocabulary words. You and your partner are doing chores around the house. Demonstrate how tiresome the chores are and how exhausted you are when you are finished. Act out what it would look like to seize something that just won’t come out of the ground.