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Mission Statement PowerPoint Presentation
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

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  1. Mission Statement In the business of Real Estate, customer service is our product. At HomeLife, our mission is to provide our clients with the best Real Estate services possible. Selling one home at a time, HomeLife sets Higher Standards to ensure that our name is distinctly synonymous with experience, professionalism and results.   In order to best serve our clients, we believe we must attract the best Sales Representatives. We do this by first recruiting skilled and motivated achievers. We then use HomeLife University, our training academy, to provide our Sales Representatives with the ongoing support and education needed to excel. We will continually strive to be a company that demonstrates Higher Standards of customer service and a genuine concern for the well-being of all people we do business with.

  2. About HomeLife     Founded in 1985, HomeLife is one of the world’s leading Real Estate Franchisors with hundreds of affiliates and thousands of Sales Representatives.     HomeLife has businesses in a variety of countries worldwide, including Canada, The U.S.A., Germany, Portugal and China.

  3. Higher Standards At the core of HomeLife’s remarkable success is the company pledge of Higher Standards.  Our pledge assures clients that they are dealing with ethical, knowledgeable and caring Sales Representatives.

  4. Why choose a HomeLife Sales Representative? I will be with you through the complexities of selling, including considering offers, closing the sale, securing financing and moving. Listing with HomeLife means better service, more qualified buyers and the best price possible on your property.

  5. We Know Your Community I am knowledgeable about local shopping, parks and schools and I am connected to the community. We will work to develop your home’s “competitive advantage”, a principal benefit that is unique to your property.

  6. HomeLife Sells One Home Every Hour.

  7. HomeLife’s 20-Point Marketing Strategy      Our unique plan helps sell your property quickly, at the best possible price and with the best possible terms. The plan utilizes a variety of innovative marketing techniques and old-fashioned hard work.      The 20-Point Plan of Action is our promise to you.

  8. Comparative Market Analysis I will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help you earn the highest possible price for your home. A CMA involves looking at the Real Estate records in your community to set an ideal asking price for your home.

  9. The HomeLife Pricing Pyramid When you price your home above its market value, fewer buyers will show interest in your property. When you price your home below market value, you increase the number of interested buyers. In the end, the price you set and the interest you create should reflect your selling goals.

  10. The Window Of Opportunity When a home first goes on the market, there is an initial surge of interest that should be maximized. Therefore, your home should be priced realistically from the start; it is a mistake to ‘test the waters’ with an artificially high price.

  11. Showcasing Your Home With Pride I will work with you to ensure your home is properly showcasing your home’s distinct appeal. To help sell your home quickly, at the best possible price, HomeLife has prepared a 20-Point Showcasing Tip Sheet.

  12. Negotiations The experience and professionalism of a HomeLife Sales Representative will significantly assist you during a tough negotiation. In either a hot or cool market, a HomeLife Sales Representativewill help you sell at the highest possible price and with the best possible terms.

  13. Closing the Sale Closing the sale of your home is often a complex series of procedures that only a trained professional can handle. With my closing and negotiating experience on your side, the challenges of closing will feel like smooth sailing.  

  14. Relocation and Moving  Whether you’re moving across the county or across town, I will be happy to help. I can assist you directly with planning and organizing, and I can recommend approved suppliers to help handle other details.

  15. Reinvesting Your Money After your home is sold, I can help introduce you to a variety of reinvestment options, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds. I can also help you reinvest your money in property, including a new house, a condo, or the ‘escape property’ of your dreams.

  16. Our Name HomeLife represents the combination of two distinct concepts, home and life. Home means a refuge, offering security, family and happiness, while life can be seen as the experiences that make one human. HomeLife symbolizes the universal dream of home ownership.

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  18. Our Logo The components of the HomeLife Logo represents several key elements of our business. While the stars represent our five divisions, the Olympic wreath symbolizes our commitment to excellence and Higher Standards.

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  20. HomeLife Gold Rewards Points Program An exclusive program for our valued HomeLife clients.     As a ‘thank you’ for your business, I will give you 5 Million Points, redeemable for a wide variety of goods and services or for cash.

  21. Looking For A Rewarding Career?      Come home to HomeLife.      Ask me about our innovative HomeLife University training, peerless Five Star Marketing System and unique Agent Recruiting Program.