homestaydnn incredible inception to airbnb clone n.
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HomestayDNN-airbnb clone script PowerPoint Presentation
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HomestayDNN-airbnb clone script

HomestayDNN-airbnb clone script

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HomestayDNN-airbnb clone script

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  1. HOMESTAYDNN Incredible Inception to Airbnb Clone Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  2. What is HomeStayDNN ? • HOMESTAYDNN is a community based marketplace where the people with rooms (space provider/host) to rent are get connected with travelers (guest) looking for cozy and worthwhile places for their stay.  • HomeStayDNN - Airbnb Clone is a collaborative online vacation rental system that hook-up space providers (hosts) and travelers through a web application or mobile application. • We pursue all the norms of AirBNB by enabling transactions between host and guest by charging a nominal fee (service fee) without having possession on any rooms by ourselves. HomeStayDNN Airbnb Clone Script is widely held in the market. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  3. What is the need of HomeStayDNN Vacation Rental Software? • A research of UNs World Tourism Organization says that, there are more than 1.13 billion tourist travels worldwide, with a growth of 4.3% in every year. • This makes the travel industry to mend a highly functional application which facilitates needs of space providers and travelers. • In-order to meet the needs of travelers and host, they expect an application which resembles to Airbnb but with extra functionalities. • Here you go with HomeStayDNN- the best airbnb clone script for a perfect vacation rental platform. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  4. How it work? • Invite the hosts and guests from across the globe to experience a first-class online Rental service which will lift-up travelers’ stay and hosts’ rental experience to the next level with HomeStayDNN. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  5. View Demo Buy Now Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  6. Uninterrupted Revenue flow in HomeStayDNN Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  7. Start earning for each booking. We assure that you can easily get benefited for every single booking in multiple ways. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  8. Host Commission Gain commission from host every time a property is booked. Custom Ads Get paid for the advertisement banners that are posted. Travelers Commission Get assured money on every rental space booking made by the traveler. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  9. Vehicle Commission Gain commission either from the travelers or from vehicle owner by arranging transportation facilities for guest. Photography Commission Gain commission from the host by facilitating with professional photography to list out their properties. Google Ad sense Make use of ad-sense and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  10. Commendable benefits from HomeStayDNN • Imperative support • We will be a cornerstone for you. We provide everything that need for you- one year free customer support, three months free technical and digital marketing support. • Integral Up-grading • Free Upgrade to HOMESTAYDNN for any revisions / versions for first 1 year from the date of purchase. • Flexible Customization • We have in-house expert developers who are well proficient in latest technologies; we do customization as per your new requirements and ensure a speedy delivery with quality. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  11. 100% source code • Get access to 100% Source Code. We let you to modify any part of the code or functionality to match with your customized requirement. We follow w3C standard in coding which will make any techie to change. Multi-domain Support We will give free multi domain support for our application thus it will run in more than one Domain with or without modifications. • Flawless communication • We are not limited to any geographical locations, communication is very important even • before the sales and after the sales. With openness of our employee hierarchy, you can • reach us at any point of time. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  12. CONCEPT Bring the attention of your audience over a key concept using customized ideas. BIG

  13. Unbeatable Features of HomestayDNN User friendly A well and simply structured layout will take the end-user to easily navigate through out the pages. The best UI & UX is assured in every nook and corner of page. • Responsive design • Immensely responsive design across multiple platforms like PCs, laptops,tablet’s,Smartphone’s etc. You can see a greater reach-ability among the customers and it results in greater sales/conversion rate. • Performance • You can see an extraordinary speed and performance of the website. Each page is highly optimized to give effective functionality. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  14. SEO supported Good URLs always get many clicks since they are easy to read and understand. We provide SEO friendly URLs for better clicks and better results. Social media Login Now Sign-in and Sign-up makes easier with HomeStayDNN. You can login by using your favorite social media profiles like Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and your Gmail. Multi language and currency We support 10 different languages and displays local currency based on their IP which overcome potential cultural barriers. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  15. Payment Integration We focus on providing a secured infrastructure for your online payment systems. By default we support PAYPAL and Stripe Credit card payment channel. Google map integration We do Google map integration for hassle-free and correct view of location. Google analytics integration Keep track and report your website traffic and give deep insights to your transactions. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  16. IP based currency We provide the functionality that automatically switches the currency value based on the user’s IP address. Ratings and Reviews Reputation and trust is an important factor for a user as it provides a faith towards you. So an effective review system is included in our application. Trust & Verification System Users profile can be verified through their email ids. With the verified user info it creates a trust factor on the guest and hosts to rent and get accommodated. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  17. Other Benefits • CMS • Maintenance Friendly • New Page Creation • Help Management • Cities Management • Space Management • Phone Verification of Hosts Using Twilio account • Advanced Filter Options • Export Properties, Hosts, Guests, Accounts • In-depth Search By City, State Name and Country • Notification Management • Dashboard Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  18. Website Backup through Admin Panel • Water Mark Features • Sub Admin Management & Privileges • Wish List Features • Stripe Payment Module • Facebook Connect API • Language Management • Reservation Module • Commission % Module • Booking Status Management Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  19. HomeStayDNN in Mobile Application “A complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly. ” Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  20. Try HomeStayDNNmobile application and feel the smart rental booking experience. Our mobile app will be the perfect solution for your customers who are on the move. • HomeStayDNN mobile app is endowed with all the features which are available in our web application. • We have an excellent mobile app development team who are experienced and proficient in latest app development techniques. Give your spectators a chance to experience your app • HomeStayDNN mobile app is accessible in native android and iOS platform which are completely reinforced with all the features of web application. Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  21. HomeStayDNN in Mobile Platform Iphone/ Ipad • Android Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  22. Tune up HomeStayDNN for other business verticals • Tourism Industry • Hotel Industry • EventManagement • Hospitality • Corporate Transportation Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  23. Android iphone Laravelecommerce laravel.ecommerce

  24. Tablet Place your screenshot here Desktop Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  25. Reach Us USA Nigeria India Australia Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce

  26. THANKS! Any questions? Mail sales@laravelecommerce.comSkype laravel.ecommerceINDIA +91 979 015 3222Africa +234 803 834 3749 US  +1 (972) 591 8783 Web Laravelecommerce || laravel.ecommerce