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Airbnb Clone Script PowerPoint Presentation
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Airbnb Clone Script

Airbnb Clone Script

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Airbnb Clone Script

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  1. Airbnb Clone Script

  2. Airbnb was provided an online platform to connects the host and guest. • Airbnb Clone Script is one of the famous rental software that allows anyone to rend their property or products to who are all want that by the help of the admin panel. • Admin connects the host and guest. • Our Airbnb Clone Script available for Mobile applications like Android and iOS as well as websites.

  3. Rental Business with Airbnb Clone Script

  4. Airbnb Clone Script is the most widely used software for online rental business. • Because it’s easy to use at anywhere and anytime also having list, and secure payment transaction. • If you have idea to start own B2C (Business to Customer) means Airbnb Clone was perfectly suits for you. • So that it was increase your business entities as well as customers. • Main thing was had to give quality services to the buyers as well as get more profit within a short period. • While you are the entrepreneur it provides profit as well as the conformable in the business modules at the time of renting the products or properties

  5. Functionalities of Airbnb Clone Scripts

  6. Scripts Here I have listed some major functionality for we must know before starts our Rental business. • Airbnb Clone Script was divided into three panels like Host, Admin and last one is A guest. • It is customized for the renters who are like to rent their products or property on worldwide. • Booking history was saved on the admin panel, and it’s suggest some products based on the search results it was one of the advantages of Airbnb Clone Script

  7. Host Dashboard • Registration • Login • Listing your product and price • Host approval • Pay with PayPal or credit card • Rating and reviews

  8. Guest Dashboard • Registration • Login • Guest Booking • Waiting for host approval • Instant booking • Rating and review

  9. Admin Panel • Save host and guest credential • Monitoring host and guest • Secure booking and payment transaction • Commission dedication • Booking cancellation while guest cancel the request.

  10. The recent survey tells more number of businesses experienced peoples are preferred Airbnb Clone Script to starts their own rental businesses. • So it’s the best time to start your Own Rental Business with Airbnb Clone Scripts and improve your business quality also. • Migrateshop provides the best Airbnb Clone Script for your Online Rental Business