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Airbnb Clone Script

Hello Again, “RentALL v1.1.0 - Airbnb Clone Script” Is Out Now!<br>We are happy to announce RentALL v1.1.0 - Airbnb Clone Script with some amazing features and improvements.

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Airbnb Clone Script

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  1. “RentALL v1.1.0” Is Out Now! www.rentallscript.com

  2. Build something simple and faster and then make it perfect!

  3. We are happy to announce RentALL v1.1.0 with some amazing features and improvements. We are grateful to all our customers who provided valuable feedback to making RentALL a better product for building amazing Sharing Economy platforms. Of course, we are still getting lot of feedback and we keep improving RentALL ? ● Yes, building something simple isn’t enough. We need to build things as fast as we can. The idea is not just to complete something but start making progress. ●

  4. We are happy to announce RentALL v1.1.0 with some amazing features and improvements. When we talk to our customers, we always share this idea to start something simple then we can evolve as we learn more from their customers. That’s the best way to gain your validated learning. ● We religiously practice Lean Startup methodologies at RadicalStart and our customers are happy to travel the same path. It is very productive when we learn more things from our customers and build something what we love :) ● I would like to share some highlights of RentALLv1.1.0 and there are always more, you can feel free to try our demo at http://demo.rentallscript.com ●

  5. iCal — Sync Your Calendars Anywhere, Anytime

  6. iCal is one the most wanted feature that allows host to Sync their calendars with any external calendar applications such as Airbnb, Wimbdu, HomeAway and even Google Calendar. This sync is automatic, once you have added the Calendar that will sync with your RentALL’s Calendar at real time. You can also, share RentALL calendar anywhere :)

  7. Place your screenshot here

  8. SEO & Social Media Friendly View Listings

  9. View listing is the one of the important page where host can provide more information of their listing to attract new customers. Users can also send request to host and make bookings from there. After getting some valuable feedback from our customers, we made View listing page to be more SEO and Social media friendly. It helps host to increase the number of visits and bookings of their listings.

  10. Improved Message Action Blocks

  11. Interactive Messaging system in RentALL, helps Host and Guest easily communicate with each other. It doesn’t stop with just communication, now Host and Guest can make specific actions for their recent reservation activities.

  12. Improved Cancellation Policies

  13. Cancellation Policies helps Host to reduce the risk of cancelling reservations by Guests. In the other hand, these cancellation policies helps guest to understand the outcome what will happen if they want to cancel their reservation. In this version, we have made some performance improvements and made the interfaces more user friendly.

  14. Improved description area for listings

  15. We have made the description area more user friendly for the host to add and make edits for their listings. It will help hosts to create readable description without spending more time on aligning the content. As I mentioned above, it’s always more :) Please try RentALL demo today and share your thoughts. We would really love your feedback :)

  16. What’s next? We are already onto the next big thing for RentALL. It’s Multilingual feature :) Stay tuned, new version is coming sooner than we thought!

  17. Any Questions? If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at anytime. Email: support@radicalstart.com Skype: radicalstart Website: http://www.rentallscript.com

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