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The Rise & Transformation of the Technically Savvy CMO PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rise & Transformation of the Technically Savvy CMO

The Rise & Transformation of the Technically Savvy CMO

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The Rise & Transformation of the Technically Savvy CMO

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  1. The Rise & Transformation of the Technically Savvy CMO CMO

  2. Data I do this I’m all about social media analysis is my game! Well, I do that! Our focus is creative Ask what CMOs do and you may get a few different answers. Once the CMO role was clearly defined; people understood that marketing leaders oversaw analytical functions like market research and buyer segmentswhile also shaping creative areaslike advertising campaigns and high-level branding strategies intended to boost sales. 2

  3. But, as with so many things, technology has changed the marketing landscape FOREVER and this is especially true for CMOs Channels and devices have multiplied, changing distribution models, while the Internet has permanently altered the way customers find products, ignore or respond to promotions and make buying decisions. Globalization trends have diversified customer bases even as they expand them. Yet it’s not just the outer business world that’s changed. Within marketing departments and creative agencies, new technologies like CRM systems, marketing automation platforms and other tools have altered the day-to-day processes and possibilities of the average campaign. 3

  4. In today’s fast-moving, high-tech marketing landscape, There’s no doubt that marketing is a distinctly technical endeavor these days - and no one is more affected by this change than CMOs. Leaders who forged their skills in the pre-digital era of storyboards and print ads must now tailor their strategies to the abilities of marketing software systems. From deployment tactics to data capture methods, these new tools promise to develop high-impact content, provide hard numbers and help CMOs hit their goals. the one-note campaigns of just twenty years ago look as relevant as a Paleolithic cave drawing. But one fact that isn’t often accounted for is that these tools require a learning curve. 4

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