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Operation Staff Meeting (OSM) March 2003 PowerPoint Presentation
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Operation Staff Meeting (OSM) March 2003

Operation Staff Meeting (OSM) March 2003

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Operation Staff Meeting (OSM) March 2003

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  1. Operation Staff Meeting (OSM)March 2003 Presented by the DCP ARC _____ NATIONAL CANCER National Institutes of Health INSTITUTE DHHS

  2. AGENDA • Introductions • Charmaine Boswell • Reminders & Previous Issues • New URL for DCP ARC Website • Lead Times • Purpose of back-ups • Procurement • Maintenance Agreements • Omega fees on a R.O.C. • Travel • Citing Domestic OC codes on Foreign travel • Largely Attended Meetings • NBS • Revised Subobject Class (SOC) • Personnel • Awards • ITAS issues • POSPT Progress Report • Trivia Contest

  3. Welcome Charmaine Boswell! • Charmaine is the CBRG’s new Administrative Program Assistant in EPN 3147 • Charmaine is coming from the Center for Cancer Research’s [CCR’s] ARC 31 • Please join us in welcoming Charmaine to the Division of Cancer Prevention


  5. New DCP ARC website • If you have the DCP ARC website marked as a favorite, be sure to update it. The URL has changed and the auto redirect from the old URL will shut down once I pull the plug on the old server. • The new URL is:

  6. Lead Times • Please keep in mind the DCP ARC is short staffed. We appreciate your efforts in adhering to our required lead times.

  7. Lead Times (continued) • Local/Domestic Travel Orders = 1 week • Foreign Travel Order = 6 weeks (due to NFT) • Domestic 348s/520s = 4 weeks • Foreign 348s/520s = 6 weeks • PSOs= 1 week (ACH info must be entered prior to submission to ARC) • ROC = 1 week • Credit Card Purchases by ARC = 1 week

  8. The Purpose of having a “Back-up” buddy • Travel and procurement will get done even if you’re out. This supports our matrix structure. This person can: • enter travel orders for you when you’re out; • make visa purchases for your group when you’re out. • provide help to you (brainstorm solutions when a complex travel / procurement arises). • Your “Back-up” buddy should know where you keep things and should have your group’s information. • Please examine the attached list. Let Eric know by 3/21 if any changes or corrections need to be made to this list. • The ARC will start using this list 3/24/03.


  10. Maintenance Agreements on Savin Copiers • Due to several lapses, the ARC is placing all Division-use copy machines on maintenance agreements. • Eric is now the key point of contact for maintenance agreement issues. • Eric is creating and will post a Division-use Copier spreadsheet which contains all copier info and Savin contact info. • However, if there’s a problem with a copier, the person in charge of that copier should place the service call (Savin = 301-517-4288).

  11. Further Discussion on the Division-use Savin Copy Machines • Who is in charge of what machine? (ie who is the person that orders paper, toner, etc and who makes the service calls?) • The ARC will leave this decision up to the you, the Division staff. • This could be a POSPT topic. • Or, the ARC could make a command decision based on the location of machines and staff. • What would you prefer? (email Eric your preference by 3/21. The majority vote wins)

  12. Omega Service Fees on a Record of Call (non-gov’t airfare) • Omega charges non-gov’t travelers a higher service fee, so please don’t use the same fees as you do on your gov’t travel orders. • The fees to be used on a ROC are: • $33.50 for an emailed or faxed request per ticket issued • $43.50 for a phone or in-person request per ticket issued.

  13. TRAVEL

  14. Citing Domestic OC codes on Foreign travel orders • The policy: Travel to a conference/meeting in Canada, Mexico, Central America, Bermuda, and the Caribbean areas sponsored by a U.S. organization which normally holds its meetings in the United States is coded with a Domestic O.C. Code on the Foreign Travel ADB system. • Therefore, please code the AACR meeting held in Toronto, Canada in April 2003 as domestic travel. • Cite: • 21.51 (not 21.52) for your scientific staff • 21.21 (not 21.23) for people traveling to a booth

  15. Largely Attended Meetings • A copy of the ARC file is on the shared drive as, List of Largely Attended Events2_DCP.xls • We have been informed that in most instances the lists will serve as notifications of planned attendance and all travel plans by both travelers and preparer should proceed normally. • Current exceptions to this are AACR & ASCO where we can’t assume approval until we hear definitively.

  16. New Business System • Anticipate a spring roll-out • However, N.B.S. US ALWAYS ANTICIPATE SURPRISES!!!

  17. New Business System • As a reminder: • Orders entered into the ADB that have not been approved by your AO will be deleted when NBS is rolled out. • Don’t enter travel orders too far in advance • Keep practicing in the ‘sandbox’ • Note: As of 3/24 sandbox can only be accessed via the NIH Portal Page. Instructions Attached

  18. Revised Subobject Class Descriptors • As we move closer to the deployment of the NBS, NIH wants to condense our use of the “21” (travel) subobject class descriptors. • This will help: • streamline the HHS Accounting standards • as well as help us distinguish between scientific meeting travel and training travel, • and will help us classify travel of nonfederal persons.

  19. Revised Subobject Class Descriptors(continued) • Here are the subobject class descriptors you should be using to classify travel: • Site Visit Travel: • 21.11 (domestic) & 21.12 (foreign) • Program Meeting Travel: • 21.21 (domestic) & 21.23 (foreign) • Training Attendance: • 21.41 (internal training- between HHS components); & • 21.42 (training between NIH and other gov’t agencies; & • 21.43 (non-governmental training) • Scientific Meeting Travel: (AACR & ASCO) • 21.51 (domestic) & 21.51 (foreign) • Please see attached email from Anne Rogerson entitled “Transmittal NO. 82” for additional information including newly blocked SOC’s


  21. ITAS • The ARC recognizes that there are a number of ongoing issues related to ITAS and timekeeping. Among them: • How to easily maintain accurate records; • How to assure that ITAS leave records match the E & L statements; • How to prepare and process leave discrepancy correction packages.

  22. ITAS(continued) • Heads Up! • The ARC would like to hold a meeting with timekeepers to discuss these issues. • Afterwards, we could have a workshop in order to assist with the completion of correction packages. • An email will be sent shortly advising you of the meeting date and time • Are there other ITAS related issues you would like addressed at the meeting?

  23. New Award Procedures • Dr. von Eschenbach has requested that NCI now use the NIH format for award nominations in order to ensure greater consistency across NCI and between NCI and NIH. • In addition, he is asking that we use the intangible benefits scale included in the NIH Policy Manual on awards as a guideline in determining the amount of awards.

  24. New Award Procedures (Continued) • This form has replaced all other award nomination forms. It will be used for Staff Recognition Awards [formerly SSPAs], On the Spot Awards, Special Act/Service Awards, Time Off Awards • Please refer to the attached: • NIH Award Nomination Form • “Intangible Benefits Scale” • Manual Chapters, “Employee Awards Program”

  25. POSPT Progress Report

  26. TRIVIA CONTEST Our trivia contest is designed to encourage attendance and offer a reward. The contest is on the last page of your handouts. Participation is voluntary. The same person can’t win two times in a row If you want to play, fill out the attached sheet here in the conference room and turn it in to Eric when you’re done. Feel free to leave after the wrap up whenever you’re ready. I don’t discuss people’s scores, just who won. Have fun!

  27. OPEN DISCUSSION Problems? Issues? Concerns? Anything you’d like to see on next month’s agenda?

  28. TRIVIA CONTEST NAME_____________________ • Do you need an NFT for a trip to Canada?___________ • Do you need an NFT for a trip to Alaska? ____________ • What OC code should you use for your Scientific staff member’s trip to AACR in Canada this year? ___________ • Is a $2,600 cost savings to the gov’t sufficient justification to use a non-contract carrier? __________________ • On an HHS-348, can the sponsor reimburse (“N”) NIH for Business class airfare?