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ET-SUMMIT. The Next Generation. By Ken Gilleo ET-TRENDS. Telecom: 1900 - 2200. 1900 – 1950: Solid State iPod Revolution iBrain Era The Final Revolution: BioMod. Clever integration & convergence. PC MED*. * PC MED: Personal Care Medicine. Electromechanical; bulky implants; pacemakers

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  1. ET-SUMMIT The Next Generation By Ken Gilleo ET-TRENDS

  2. Telecom: 1900 - 2200 • 1900 – 1950: • Solid State • iPod Revolution • iBrain Era • The Final Revolution: BioMod Clever integration & convergence

  3. PC MED* * PC MED: Personal Care Medicine • Electromechanical; bulky implants; pacemakers • MEMS/MOEMS; tiny implants • Add Telemed – linked experts • Bio-NEMS; tiny mobile injected; Nanobots • Final Revolution: Bio-Mod

  4. From Telecom to Teleport • Telecom: data bits • Copper Wire  Optical Fiber  Wireless (and combos) • Teleport • Atomic particles are indistinguishable • “Read” object A  telecom  reassemble as object B • Apply “Bottom Up” Nanotech • Ethics issue; teleport or cloning

  5. Devices, Interconnects & Assembly (DIA) • All devices are now ORGANIC • Very few metallic interconnects • Device and Interconnect co-created • NO SOLDER • DIA becomes increasingly bio-oriented • Final Revolution: Grow it!

  6. Ultimate Energy • Gas Fusion dominates • N2 O2 + Energy (Fusion, not chemistry) • Air is the fuel, oxygen is the waste product • Applications • Jet aircraft – initially a retrofit • Power plants • Small “abode” units; very small is challenging • Rockets; fuel is N2

  7. Nuclear Fusion Engine O2 AIR Piston “Air” engines New Fusion Breakthrough Air = Fuel Most energy is now FUSION; the “air engine” Nitrogen gas is the fuel. The by-product is oxygen. Jet and piston engines have been retrofit and carry NO fuel or combustibles

  8. NEXT – Actuality by Realists • Dr. Thomas Loeher, Technical University of Berlin, • “PCB Technologies for Realization of Stretchable Electronic Systems” • Irene Sterian, Celestica Inc., • “Solar Energy and SMT” • Dr. Charles Woychik, GE Global Research • “Advanced Packaging” • Steve Greathouse, Plexus Corp., • “New/Evolving Technologies” • Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM, • “European Packaging Activity”

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