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Quick Spikes - Hiking with Spikes PowerPoint Presentation
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Quick Spikes - Hiking with Spikes

Quick Spikes - Hiking with Spikes

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Quick Spikes - Hiking with Spikes

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  1. 3/3/2020 Best Traction Cleats | New Year Deals - 2020 Sales | Quadtrek Best Traction Cleats | New Year Deals - 2020 Sales | Quadtrek ( Quadtrek Traction Cleats with Spikes Quadtrek Traction Cleats are specially designed to traverse across the vast winter landscape. It helps to walk safely on ice and snow by providing some extra traction, flexibility, and balance. These cleats are strong in traction, 1/3

  2. 3/3/2020 Best Traction Cleats | New Year Deals - 2020 Sales | Quadtrek enough to fulfill the winter condition’s demands. It is designed to reduce the risk of causing a slip and fall. Well suited for daily wear, walking, hiking, and running over ice and snow, mud, mountains, wet rocks, and other poor conditions The Amazing features The cleats are extremely light weighted, weighing only 100g thus, you won’t even feel that you have anything attached to your shoes. It provides unbeatable traction which helps to avoid fall in slippery conditions. Traction Cleats are stretchable enough to fit with any existing footwear to provide stability and a strong grip over the unconditioned terrains. Non-Slip Traction cleats The cleats are equipped with 7 spike points for better grip, ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. It is safer and provides strong traction towards the extremely slippery terrains. Greater Compatibility The cleats can be attached to any type of footwear thus, improving stability and safety on ice and snow. It takes only seconds to put on and off from the footwear you wear. Adjustable Traction Cleats These can be easily stretched to fit over existing footwear to provide ease while walking over ice or snow. You can adjust the cleats according to shoe size by stretching an adjustable strap. Very Easy to Store These are very compact and easy to store in small places like pockets, backpack, purse, and briefcase thus, making it easy for a user to carry. 2/3

  3. 3/3/2020 Best Traction Cleats | New Year Deals - 2020 Sales | Quadtrek The Traction Cleats are a great shoe savior when you belong to a country with regular snowfalls. Quadtrek’s Quick Spikes is reliable and great to use therefore, easy to wear and walk or run around. Hence, if you are in need of a better grip thus, Quick Spikes is your best option. Henceforth, opt for Quadtrek! ( 3/3