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CLUB PRESIDENTS MEETING WELCOME. 10th of December 2009 . Agenda. Online registration and automated team nominations. Electronic match cards. SSF formats for 2010. U12 competition in 2010. Fixed time slots. " Super-teams". Northern Tigers update Mongo football update

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  2. Agenda • Online registration and automated team nominations. • Electronic match cards. • SSF formats for 2010. • U12 competition in 2010. • Fixed time slots. • "Super-teams". • Northern Tigers update • Mongo football update • Dual registration • 2010 budget & fees

  3. JUNIOR FOOTBALLDale Catzel 10th of December 2009

  4. Team Nominations - Current Process • Clubs submit forms to KDSA office via email or fax. • Received forms logged centrally, then distributed to relevant sub-committees. • Sub-committees process forms and ultimately produce initial division allocations. • Manual handling is time consuming and error prone: • Multiple handling of all information (records can get out of sync). • Information from clubs in varying formats. • Emails/faxes going astray. • Late changes coming in via phone/email/faxes are very hard to manage.

  5. Automated Team Nominations 2010 • Player Admin System is the single point of reference for team information for clubs, KDSA office staff and committee members. • Clubs define teams in Player Admin System. • KDSA extracts team information from the Player Admin System on a specific date. • Email reminders sent out before extraction is done. Confirmation of team nominations sent out after extraction is done. Benefits • All team information validated during data entry – standard age groups defined by KDSA; team names validated to specific formats. • No outdated information. • No lost emails/faxes. • Automation makes it feasible to adhere to a set deadline. • No extra workload for clubs. • Saves KDSA office staff and committee members heaps of time.

  6. Electronic Match Cards Benefits: • Eliminates most match card fines. • Team managers don’t have to handwrite match card every week. • Checking for ineligible players by KDSA is trivial.

  7. Electronic Match Cards 2009 Used for Junior Mixed U12-18 matches in 2009. Most teams appear to have coped well. Teething problems with club registration system at start of season: • Clubs not allocating players correctly to teams. • Clubs not setting up team managers/coaches with access to Team Manager section of Player Admin System. • Team managers/coaches not knowing how to log on and print ematchcards. Problems during the season: • Technology problems preventing ematchcard being printed before match. • Team manager going away and not handing duties over to someone else. • Winning team not taking both halves of the match card after match.

  8. Electronic Match Cards 2010 Use across all competitions: Men, Women, Junior Mixed, Junior Girls. Improvements: • Remove photos from ematchcard. • Print separate team sheet and eliminate photo ID cards. • Include match day instructions in free space on ematchcard, except Men’s squad competitions where squad listing will leave no free space. Firsts and Reserves still need separate ematchcards but full squad listed on both. • Each team to retain their own ematchcard and give to their club recorder. Eliminate “loser’s match card”. • KDSA will check Player Admin System to ensure every team has a manager assigned, and will instruct every manager to print several generic ematchcards at the start of the season.

  9. SSF Rule Changes 2010 • U6-7: half-way restart after goal scored. • U6-7: no corners, always goal line restart. • U10-11: no offside, but Instructing Referee can move players blatantly put in offside positions.

  10. SSG/SSF Grounds 2010 U6-7 North: Foxglove (6/6), Karuah (5/5), Toolang (3/3) U6-7 South: Regimental (4/7), Bales (4/6), Tunks (4/5), Blackman (4/6) U8-9 North: Montview, Berry, Carrington, Friars, etc. U8-9 South: Redbank, Keary St, Tunks, Burns Bay, etc. U10-11 North: Montview, Berry, Browns, Kuringai HS, etc. U10-11 South: Loyal Henry, Greenwich PS, etc.

  11. U12 competition in 2010Objective Create effective competition in the U12 age group in 2010. This consists of 2 aspects: • Strong 8-team Division 1 competition. • Only 1 nomination per club accepted. • STRs freely available to all teams. • If a team requires it, KDSA will provide coaching support to fit the team’s budget. • Enjoyable competition for other divisions without the need to regrade during the season.

  12. U12 competition in 2010Division 1 candidates • Northbridge • Lindfield • West Pymble • Wahroonga • St Ives • North Sydney Bears • Kissing Point • Lane Cove • Hornsby RSL

  13. U12 competition in 2010Non-Division 1 innovations • STRs available for Saturday morning, not afternoon. • First 7 rounds, teams divided into 2 x Northern and 2 x Southern Conferences: • North-A, South-A each allocated 8 teams. • North-B, South-B allocated remaining teams. • After Round 7: • Division 2 formed from top 4 teams in each of North-A and South-A. • Division 3 formed from bottom 4 teams in each of North-A and South-A. • Divisions 4-6 similarly formed from North-B and South-B.

  14. Fixed Time Slots General Benefit of Fixed Time Slots: • Easier for families to plan ahead. Reasons for changing from 2009 scheme: • Improved ground usage. • Much improved referee coverage. • Improved ability to borrow between age groups.

  15. “SUPER-TEAMS” 10th of December 2009

  16. What is a “super-team” • A team selected or recruited from better players across the district • Typically a paid, professional coach • Key objective appears to be Champions of Champions • Positive – player development • Examples: Northbridge 11A, N Sydney Bears 13A, St Ives 10A, Lindfield girls 12A

  17. KDSA’s position • Not against “super-teams” – we just want to know about them! • Expectation is the coach will “do the right thing” for the development of the kids • “Super-teams” should be playing up an age group to challenge the kids • “Super-teams” playing out of their age group will be eligible to represent KDSA in C of C

  18. NORTHERN TIGERSPascal Phillips 10th of December 2009

  19. Mongo Football - update • Mongo Development • 103 kids, 6-12 years old • 2 or 3 coaching sessions plus Friday night games • 5 professional coaches • Per session cost under $17 • Commitment 4 x 10 week term • Escola • 48 kids, 6-12 years old • 1 session per week • Same professional coaches • Per session cost under $17 • Commitment 1 x 10 week term

  20. DUAL REGISTRATION 10th of December 2009

  21. ISSUES • Well publicised PL incident in 2009 • FFA rule predominantly focused on professional players • Why should we have barriers to kids playing as much “park” football as they like? • FNSW make “exceptions”

  22. Dubbo Soccer • A. Dual registration between amateur competitions will be permitted. • B. Players will make application through the WPSL Coordinator who will advise the clubs when permission is granted. • C. Dual registered players must participate in at least five [5] WPSL rounds before they are eligible to compete in the Championship rounds. • D. Dual registered players are to be noted on the registration sheet with a 'D' • E. Written approval from 1st registered club must be provided with team registration sheet.

  23. KDSA Intention • Allow limited, defined situations where dual registration will be allowed • Girl wishing to play mixed and women's across two clubs • Development squad players in two different teams • Out of area player in two separate competitions • Modify the penalties that would apply to players dual registering without the KDSA club(s) being aware • Representative players will NOT be permitted to dual register • Other suggestions welcome

  24. 2010 BudgetPhil Bradfield 10th of December 2009

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