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Airbnb Clone Script | Airbnb Clone App | Startupmart PowerPoint Presentation
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Airbnb Clone Script | Airbnb Clone App | Startupmart

Airbnb Clone Script | Airbnb Clone App | Startupmart

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Airbnb Clone Script | Airbnb Clone App | Startupmart

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  1. What are the Key Features of Airbnb Clone App? Food, water and shelter are the essentials to the humans for the survival. In those days, people used to fix certain place through direct registration. There exists the complexity of place confirmation with human efforts. To overcome this, several advanced technologies were arrived that diminishes human workforce. One of that is Airbnb, where anyone can apply rooms, restaurants, hotels for rental to stay, work and so on. Nowadays, peoples are looking for better accommodation without any efforts. For them many of the business persons are providing several facilitate agents for the easy booking. To make their efforts more simple, we provide an impressive Airbnb clone script, an excellent platform to create your own virtual marketplace of online rental services for travel community. Prime Features of the Airbnb Clone App Advanced Filter Option - With the advanced filter options, the user can easily search for their desired property at expected location with the precise search result. In-App Messaging - The host and user can communicate with one another via messaging software. Through this the user can share their opinion about the rental property

  2. Multi-language support - Our script translates the site to different language for users and this significant feature engages users’ to your site and mobile app Property Request - Instant property booking and guest review request are viewed by the host and user will receive an acceptance message when booking is accepted Sub Admin Management - The admin can set sub admin, define roles and responsibilities to those admin through settings and role permission management option Easy Sign-in - The secure and easy way of login to an account is social login. User can sign in using facebook account to avoid filling details during sign-up User App Features Easy Login - The user can simply login to the account with the social networks ID that make them to free from providing unused details in the form Option - Once the user registered or booked for the rental property, they receive the verification message from the admin and confirm their property. Secure Payment - The payment of the users for their rented property become very secure and the user can pay for the booking in their desired payment medium. Reviews and Ratings - The end users can leave their desired ratings and reviews about the service and the admins can obtain the feedback about how their users feel on their service. Flexible Reservation - If suddenly your scheduled location is changed to some other town due to certain reason, you can take our flexible software reservation scheme.

  3. Wishlist - User can add your favorite listing to their wishlist in Renter's Script and also share it with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, etc. Host App Features Offers - Hosts can send exclusive offers, great discounts and promotional coupons to multiple guests using this module to attain more bookings. List your Space - As listing is unlimited, the host has right to list any number of their properties at zero cost and manage them easily without complications. Transaction History - The host can easily view and download a detailed summary of complete transactions which has been done in the past. Managing Property Details - Renter host can effectively manage their rental property details and update the profile, if there occur any changes in the property detail. Work-fit Essentials - The host list hundreds and thousands of properties to the site, add, edit and manage the listing easily without count limitation. Listing Management - The host list hundreds and thousands of properties to the site, add, edit and manage the listing easily without count limitation. Wanna build your own unique rental marketplace and become a pioneer in the industry. Acquire Airbnb Clone Script from Startupmart and kick start your rental marketplace with astounding features.