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Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation

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Exam Preparation

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  1. Exam Preparation • What we’ll be covering: • key elements of exam preparation • creating and using note cards • the Eight-day study plan

  2. What problems are you currently having with preparing for exams? • Take a moment to complete “Exam Prep: A Self Check”. (Click when finished) • The answers to all of the questions should be “yes”. • Now check your answers and list areas in which you can improve.

  3. Key elements of exam preparation • Know what the exam will cover • If you don’t know, then ask. Visit instructor’s office hours or ask over e-mail.

  4. Key elements of exam preparation • Know what type of exam will be given • Match the method of study to the kind of exam you will be given • (hint: you wouldn’t use note cards to study for an essay exam)

  5. Key elements of exam preparation • Avoid procrastination • If you wait until the last-minute to study, you’ll remember less and stress more • By keeping track of all the daily activities you participate in, an Ultimate Schedule can be constructed. With this Ultimate Schedule: • free time can be used to prepare for upcoming exams, • and more time can be set aside if it is needed. • See example.

  6. Key elements of exam preparation • Use memory techniques • Remember the techniques we discussed?

  7. Key elements of exam preparation • Make sure you’ve taken adequate notes and read the text • Get any notes that you’ve missed

  8. Key elements of exam preparation • Have the proper attitude

  9. Key elements of exam preparation • Monitor your anxiety level • A little anxiety is good, but a lot will hurt your performance • Check out our stress management on-line workshop

  10. Key elements of exam preparation • Don’t be afraid to ask questions • Ask during class, over e-mail, at tutoring and in your study group

  11. Key elements of exam preparation • Look for (or create) practice tests and questions • Form a study group and have each member identify possible test questions. Write each other practice tests • Ask the instructor for any old tests, if available • Come to the Learning Center and use our bank of old tests.

  12. Creating and Using Note Cards • When note cards are a good idea • when you are a visual learner • when you will be given an objective test

  13. Creating and Using Note Cards • Using them the right way • frequently shuffle the cards to keep from learning them in order • use only one concept per card- they aren’t designed to hold more • use your own words- by putting concepts in your own words, you’re actively learning while you create them • take out the ones you know until the final review- don’t waste your time studying things you already know • check out these examples

  14. The Eight Day Study Plan • download the Eight-Day Study Plan

  15. Summary • Re-reading your text and notes is often not enough to prepare you for an exam. You will need to have good study strategies and a good study plan. • It’s also important that you know where to go for additional help, including instructor office hours, tutoring centers and preceptors.

  16. Apply what you’ve learned • Complete the Eight-Day Study Plan for one of your classes