trade with israel a glance at the benefits n.
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Trade With Israel - A glance at the benefits - PowerPoint Presentation
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Trade With Israel - A glance at the benefits -

Trade With Israel - A glance at the benefits -

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Trade With Israel - A glance at the benefits -

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  1. Trade With Israel- A glance at the benefits -

  2. Incentives for Trade with Israel Swiss companies can take advantage of Israel‘s: • Trade agreements • Free Trade Area agreements • Qualified Industrial Zones in Jordan & Egypt • Other agreements • Commercial arrangements • Government assistance for R&D Projects • Investment Incentives

  3. Benefits of Trade Agreements Swiss companies that trade with Israel can profit from Israel‘s agreements that • Facilitate market access • Eliminate import restrictions • Neutralise non-tariff barriers

  4. Free Trade Area (FTA) Agreements For Swiss companies trading with Israel, the FTA agreements result in • duty free trade between Switzerland and Israel for industrial and listed agricultural products • duty free export from Israel of industrial and listed agricultural products to: EU and EFTA countries, USA, Canada and Mexico, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania.

  5. FTA Agreements (cont.) Through the network of Israel‘s FTA Agreements a Swiss company can export a product duty free to third countries that do not have an FTA Agreement with Switzerland.

  6. FTA Agreements (cont.) Conditions • the product must be wholly obtained in Israel, or • the product must be obtained in Israel by substantially transforming (adding value to) imported materials, or • the product must be partly produced in Israel and partly produced in a third country having an FTA Agreement both with Israel and the country of destination of the product

  7. Qualified Industrial Zones in Jordan and Egypt (QIZ) A Swiss company can export duty-free to the US by taking advantage of the QIZ agreement Condition Production must take place partly in the QIZ of Jordan or Egypt and partlyin Israel.

  8. Other Agreements Swiss companies can also take advantage of: • Israel‘s Preferential Agreement with Jordan A Swiss company producing in Israel can export duty free to Jordan. • Avoidance of double taxation treaty between Israel and Switzerland

  9. Commercial Arrangements Governmentassistance for R&D projects The Government of Israel offers a range of support programs and generous grants to encourage foreign private companies and individual entrepreneurs to set up R&D projects in Israel

  10. Commercial Arrangements InvestmentIncentives Government programmes for foreign capital investment in Israel in industry and tourism that offer • grants • reduced taxation • other benefits

  11. For additional information please contact Swiss - Israel Chamber of Commerce