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Dominion High School Welcome to Titan Territory

Dominion High School Welcome to Titan Territory Promoting the Success of Each & Every Titan October 15, 2007 Dominion Mission Statement: Each and every Dominion High School student will... …accept the challenge of leadership for today and tomorrow.

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Dominion High School Welcome to Titan Territory

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  1. Dominion High SchoolWelcome to Titan Territory Promoting the Success of Each & Every Titan October 15, 2007

  2. Dominion Mission Statement:Each and every Dominion High School student will... • …accept the challenge of leadership for today and tomorrow. • …display courtesy, character, andintegrity in all situations. • …respect the rights of every member of our diverse community. • …serve the community as a responsible citizen and positive role model. • …work hard to achieve academic excellence.

  3. Leading our community 2006 graduates Candace Avalos and Joshua Coombs elected as Vice-President of their respective classes at James Madison University and Virginia State University

  4. Achieving Academic Excellence The members of the Class of 2007 garnered a bunch of scholarships… …worth $1.5 million!!!

  5. Achieving Excellence The Titan Wrestling team won the Dulles District Championship… …for a 2nd year in a row!!!

  6. Achieving Excellence Our wresters then placed 2nd out of 32 schools at the Region II meet, sending 4 wrestlers to states, including undefeated district and regional champion, Brandon MacLean

  7. Achieving Excellence The drama department and Jeremy Kinser brought Peter Pan to life… …too bad it didn’t work out as well for Captain Hook

  8. Displaying Character & Respect In support of our friends experiencing grief at Virginia Tech, Titans bought 200 maroon & orange t-shirts… …within the first 30 minutes they were on sale in the school store

  9. Displaying character, respect & service… “I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the Titan community. Last night, my daughter and I attended the visitation service for H’s mother. In attendance were not only his friends, but also coaches, administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, teammates, and parents…

  10. Displaying character, respect & service… …I can tell you that I left there feeling a great sense pride in how well these young Titans seem to be growing into caring young adults.” – Email from Parent

  11. Achieving Excellence Lauren Ritter won her 4th consecutive State Title by swimming the 500-yard freestyle event in… …state record time

  12. Achieving Excellence Then she won the 200-yard freestyle, making her a 5-time state champion… …now, she swims on full scholarship for Virginia Tech

  13. Leading our community Stephanie Whitaker (Class of 2007) is the first Titan appointed to West Point

  14. Making a Difference “It’s been a fabo 3 years. Are you coming to college with me? …You made my classes fun. Even though you’re a Hick, I still love you.” …from a 2007 Graduate …whose mother had insisted that this young man needed to be taken out of this teacher’s class during his sophomore year

  15. Achieving Excellence Junior Jennifer Weatherly became a state champion in the 100 meter dash… …and the 200 meter dash!!!

  16. Serving Our Community A few days later… … Jennifer received the 2007 Virginia Environmental Stewardship Award …for protecting our community’s storm drains from unlawful dumping (look for the stickers on storm drains everywhere in Titan Territory and beyond)

  17. Respecting One Another Quote by our student speaker at commencement exercises for the first four-year graduating class in Titan history: “we beat the odds…We each diverged from the dreaded path of the clique. We see football players in the show choir, drama kids on the lacrosse field and a piano prodigy running cross country.”

  18. Achieving Excellence One of those 2007 graduates, Joshua Young, received a scholarship worth nearly $200,000 from the prestigious Berklee College of Music

  19. Achieving Academic Excellence 47 percent of the grades earned by the freshmen football team during the 1st quarter (fall 2006) were A’s

  20. Achieving Excellence The varsity football team was nearly as successful in the classroom… …and beat Heritage on their homecoming… …without having to throw a single pass!!!

  21. An Apology Before I forget… …there’s so much to celebrate… …please forgive me if I leave something significant out!!!

  22. Achieving Academic Excellence For a third consecutive year, TWO Dominion High School students placed in the top three at the LCPS Science & Engineering Fair: Annemarie Thomas & Andrew Littleton

  23. Making a Difference “Starting a HS program is a rough job, but…the staff of DHS have done a commendable job…As a parent I am grateful for the time you have taken to get to know the kids individually…most kids do take pride in the fact that you cared enough about them, to get to know them.” -Email from parent after graduation

  24. Leading our Community Sandi Tucker was a finalist last year for VAME Teacher of the Year

  25. Demonstrating Leadership Due to their overwhelming thoughtfulness and kindness, Dominion SCA nominated our principal for Virginia SCA High School Administrator of the Year… …and THEY won!

  26. Leading our community For a third consecutive year, Dominion High School is represented on the DECA State Action Team with three out of eight statewide officers (Kabir Syed – Historian, Meghan Andrews – Reporter, and Craig Wainner – Northern Area VP)

  27. Achieving Excellence While the choir performed in New York City, the Concert Band placed 2nd at a festival held in April 2007 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

  28. Serving Our Community Through our collaborative partnership, ATLAS contributed $101,126 to Dominion last year!!!

  29. Serving Our Community Due to the incredible success of the new ATLAS fundraising model, 80 percent of all funds raised will now be directly invested in the specific program that raised the funds. (up from 75 percent last year)

  30. Achieving Excellence The Academic Team went undefeated in Dulles District competition, winning the regular season title, tournament championship, and the annual SOL Bowl

  31. Achieving Excellence Then, the Academic Team made their first appearance on NBC-4’s It’s Academic and have been invited back to appear again on November 17th

  32. Leading our community Anthony Eifler, graduate of the class of 2006, elected as president of James Madison University Delta Epsilon Chi, the collegiate equivalent of DECA

  33. Serving our Community Under the leadership of our Titans, the Athlete-to-Athlete program offered Special Olympians athletic clinics throughout the 2006-07 school year

  34. Serving Our Community Athlete-to-Athlete clinics were such a resounding success that one family in a neighboring community bought a home in Titan Territory so that they daughter & son could attend Dominion

  35. Achieving Academic Excellence For the 2nd consecutive year, a Dominion High School student, Michael Royce, won TOP honors at the LCPS Dulles Town Center Art Show

  36. Dominion High School:Leaving No Child Behind • Reduction in number of failing grades earned by all students since 2003-04 • 22.4 percent!!!! • Reduction in number of failing grades earned by Latino students since 2003-04 • 39.5 percent!!!! • Reduction in number of failing grades earned by African-American students since 2004-05 • 26.7 percent!!!!

  37. Impact of Men on a Mission • Number of failing grades by African-American students during 2005-06 • 98 • Number of failing grades by African-American students during 2006-07 • 73 • Number of the failing grades earned by African-American MALES during 2006-07 • 53

  38. Percentage of Final Grades Earned by All Students

  39. Achievement Gap Persists (06-07):% of Final Grades by Race

  40. Daily Percentage of Attendance for our Titans

  41. Percentage of Grades Earned by Students by # of Absences

  42. Does Student Attendance Matter? More than we could ever imagine!!!

  43. SOL Achievement The next several slides show SOL pass rates by subject for the past four years… …broken down by race

  44. SOL Achievement In a school that is improving… …the trend should show rising pass rates from left to right… …while the lines representing different subgroups grow closer together as they rise toward the right.

  45. SOL Achievement A quick hint… …the red line is going to look like a struggling subgroup on the graph. …it’s the group of students whose parents have chosen NOT to identify their child’s race. …less than 1 percent of the total student population.

  46. SOL Achievement in English: Reading

  47. SOL Achievement in English: WRITING

  48. SOL Achievement in Science

  49. SOL Achievement in Social Science

  50. SOL Achievement in Math

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