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Honeymoon Registry for Travel Agents PowerPoint Presentation
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Honeymoon Registry for Travel Agents

Honeymoon Registry for Travel Agents

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Honeymoon Registry for Travel Agents

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  1. Honeymoon Registry for Travel Agents

  2. What is a Honeymoon Bridal Registry? On our online honeymoon registry, Brides & Grooms list anything they want to do on their honeymoon – even portions of their trip. First they book their travel as normal, then they go online and create their own bridal registry list. It works just like a wedding gift registry.  Instead of buying pots or pans, toasters or towels, guests purchase portions of their dream honeymoon as a wedding gift. We donot book travel or make reservations. We provide Brides & Grooms a way to get more money to spend on their trip or to get reimbursed for monies already spent. Its free to agents, there is no set up fee for brides and grooms, there is a 10% total processing fee (7% service fee and 3% credit card fee)to cover management of the account, gift cards, wedding web page etc.

  3. For example, instead of a crock pot – guests can buy the couple a “Kingston Day Tour” or a “Romance Package”. Using and promoting the honeymoon registry, the couple receives an average of $2000.00 in gift money to spend on their honeymoon.

  4. Why do today’s Brides & Grooms want to use a honeymoon registry? • The average age of new honeymooners is 25 – 27. They are computer savvy, are you? • More couples live together prior to marriage and already have a household. • The rising cost of the ceremony is going up towards $20,000, couples still want to take a honeymoon but many need financial help. • Second marriages comprise 37% of all weddings performed. • Instead of ending up with a checks the night of their wedding, and leaving the next day with no way to cash them, with the registry they receive the gift money early enough to know how much money they will have to spend to upgrade or buy extras. • Couples don’t want to send out announcement cards asking to “Please send a check to my travel agent at…” or “No gifts please; just cash”. They want their guests to feel involved and choose a personalized gift. Using the honeymoon registry online lets them get gifts on the day of the wedding or even while they are away. If you do registries by hand and guests mail in checks to you it eliminates “last minute” presents for your honeymooners.

  5. Why do guests like using the honeymoon registry? • More and more people like to shop from home: Traffic, crowds and gasoline prices growing higher are just a few reasons that help to explain why on-line purchasing is up. According to new figures released by the US Department of Commerce, online retail sales totaled USD14.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2003, a rise of 28 percent on the preceding quarter. • Guests don’t feel like they are giving anything personal when they just mail in a check or stick cash in an envelope. The honeymoon registry allows them to be more involved with choosing something really personal. • Guests have less time and are looking for convenience through technology. How many people find it easier to email a letter instead of putting one in the mail box or shipping something at the post office? • Using the honeymoon registry takes the guesswork out of choosing something that the wedding couple really wants (and worrying that might return it.)

  6. How does the Honeymoon Registry Benefit Travel Agents? You have a way to get your clients extra money to spend on their booking. Last month Linda and James Dodge received $7,020.00 to spend on their honeymoon through their agents registry. This is from Linda and James Dodges actual registry, using the registry they were able to upgrade their room category. Do you have clients that want a longer or more luxurious honeymoon, or would rather have monies towards their honeymoon instead of more pots and pans? Now you can offer a way to increase the amount of money Brides and Grooms have to spend on their trip just by using the honeymoon registry.

  7. Make 20% commission on registry item service charges • You can make commissions on more than their travel booking. You will receive commissions on the 7% service fees of items that are purchased, like the private dinner,spa treatments, extra activities , even shopping ! • You receive 20% of all service fees collected. • Last month our highest commissions were paid to Travel Agent,. Melissa Frame. She helped promote her clients registry and received $140.00 commission from us.

  8. You can give your clients their own wedding website increasing the services that you can offer them!

  9. Take the Hassle out of In House Registries • Why print cards and account for checks in the mail from the couples weddings guests? You get no marketing exposure from people sending you things in the mail. • We do all the accounting for you! Its simple, free, automated and gives your clients beautiful, classy, state of the art technology to use as their registry. Using the registry will bring all of the couples friends and family to your website – that is new, free website traffic!

  10. About • We are located on Aero Drive in San Diego • We have been in business since January 2003 • We are used by 37,000 travel agents. • We bank with Merrill Lynch • We are members of BBB and AFWPI • We have an SSL certificate and work through PayPal • We have our own servers hosted on site at Castle Access co location facilities • We have 8 service providers • We have a 24 hour NOC and BGP staff • We are the registry for Club Med, Couples Resorts, Mauna Lani Resort, San Diego Travel Group, Farmers Insurance Travel, Mailpound, Online Agency, YTB, and Rezconnect – just to name a few.

  11. This is a completely free program for you – no cost to join, operate with a designated link or to use our materials. We are not travel sellers and are never in competition with you. We want you to book more travel! We are registry experts – that is all we do. More bookings for you = more registries for us. It’s free & we don’t book travel!

  12. We are the only registry that offers you your own Private Labeled Honeymoon Registry • Why would ever send your clients to another registry where they can find other travel agents options? • We give you our technology with your name & logo on it so that your clients stay in your own website. • Not only will your clients stay on your website, but they will send an average of 68 new people to view your website. • This program is only $29.95. • See order form on

  13. How do you sign your clients up? • You book the travel and refer the couple to the registry to sign up. You do not have to sign them up yourself, but taking a moment to show your clients where to sign up is recommended. You will receive an email notice with a link to their registry once they have signed up.

  14. What site do you direct your clients to?Your own Website. • A Private Label site is our software with your name and logo on it.

  15. What if you don’t have your own website? • You can still refer your clients to: • They can select you as the referring agent and you still receive commissions • They can not link out or get any other travel agents contact information

  16. How do Brides and Grooms register for what they want they want to do? • The couple’s go online and register for anything they would like to do on their honeymoon, even portions of their trip. • We walk them through every simple step. • We give ideas of what to ask for, or they can create their own. They just click “choose” for what they want.

  17. One more time….Who pays for the Registry? It’s a free service to you and your clients. There is a 10% total processing fee (7% service and 3% credit card)on the transaction however – this covers all account management, credit card fees, wedding web page, gift cards, Thank You cards, and its convenient. We are the only site where the couple can choose to take the service charge out of the gift amount they receive or add it to the gift amount at the time of purchase.

  18. How does the Couple let everyone know about the registry and Wedding Website? • We provide Announcement Cards, Save the Date Cards and even bridal shower games that they can download and print.

  19. How are gifts purchased? • Wedding guests go online, view all the gifts the couples wished for and then purchase a gift for the couple. Its safe and secure we never store or reuse their information. • Remember – the couple has all ready paid for the trip so they are essentially getting reimbursed for their travel – they also have more spending money for their extras like the Spa, Gift Shop and Tours!

  20. What happens after a gift is purchased? • The Wedding guest sends a • personalized gift card via email • The gift money goes into our Merrill Lynch account • We pay the Couple whenever they designate it • The couple can view all their cards and gifts at anytime through their account login

  21. When does everyone get paid? • The Couple can collect their gifts at anytime through pay pal or check by request. • We do not mail checks to you or the supplier, checks go directly to the Bride & Groom. • Travel Agents are paid 30 days following the wedding date. • There is a $50.00 minimum that must be reached in commissions before your check is sent out and everyone can be paid by check or pay pal.

  22. How can you market to honeymooners? • Make sure your registry is easy to find on your website. Use a button or text link that is not only easy for Bride & Groom to find – but easy for the guests that are buying gifts to find, you don’t want frustrated guests signing off your website. •  Tag all email correspondence with “Find out about our Honeymoon Registry” or “Find out about our Wedding Websites” have that link go to your site. •  If you have an automatic email system respond to any honeymoon inquiries with and email about your honeymoon registry and wedding website. •  Each time you send out a package in the mail, include your one page flier about your honeymoon registry.

  23. If you have an office or storefront, print out the poster about your honeymoon registry and post for your clients to see. Once your clients have done their registry, take a moment to see what they have signed up for. Take that opportunity to book upgrades or commissionable items that they want. Print out announcement cards for your clients as a gift for booking with you once they have registered.

  24. Where can I find more detailed information? For general information on the program or to sign up go to the Partner Programs section of Once you register, you will be sent detailed information on how to get started and where to download marketing materials from. To get your private label site, send your URL that you would like to link from to after you sign up. We will then send you a designated link and an assortment of buttons for you to use. Last but not least – let your clients know about it through email, newsletters, mail. Show this power point to all the agents in office so they know how to use the registry to.

  25. What our Couples say about using the registry….