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Fast Food, Fast Talk? Gesprächssituationen in Fast-food Restaurants

Talk at Work. Fast Food, Fast Talk? Gesprächssituationen in Fast-food Restaurants. Referentinnen: Ingemarie Henningsen Laura Hofman Miquel Antje Lorenz. Hauptseminar: Talk at Work, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beneke, O9.12.2003. Fast food «restaurants». Talk at ork, 09.12.2003 .

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Fast Food, Fast Talk? Gesprächssituationen in Fast-food Restaurants

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  1. Talk at Work Fast Food, Fast Talk?Gesprächssituationen in Fast-food Restaurants Referentinnen: Ingemarie Henningsen Laura Hofman Miquel Antje Lorenz Hauptseminar: Talk at Work, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beneke, O9.12.2003

  2. Fast food «restaurants» Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  3. Why McDonald’s? • biggest • oldest? • all over the world • most successful Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  4. Overview • Brief history of McDonald’s • McDonald’s Philosophy • Analysing “fast- food-communication”:  different types of speech situations 3.1 Employee – employee 3.2 Employee – customer 3.3 Customer – customer 4. Localization: The same standards world-wide – the same food world-wide – the same talk? 5. Discussion 6. Bibliography Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  5. 1. Brief history of McDonald’s Raymond Albert Kroc 1902 – 1984, distributor of « Multimixer » • 1952 Dick&Mac McDonald’s Restaurant, • San Bernadino, California • 1955 Ray Kroc’s first McDonald’s Restaurant, • Des Plaines, Illinois • Ronald McDonald – In every language he means fun! • Restaurant locations in 116 countries Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  6. Startup Dates for McDonald’s in Various Countries

  7. 2. McDonald’s Philosophy “McDonald’s sells more than fast food.” Watson, James L. (1997), Golden Arches East. What is it more? Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  8. 2. McDonald’s Philosophy • efficiency, order, familiarity, good cheer, good value • high standards, cleanliness • image : fun, family orientated • a pioneer in the standardization basic idea: to serve a very few items of strictly uniform quality at low prices Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  9. People Promise and a People Vision • “We're not just a hamburger company serving people; we're a people company serving hamburgers.” • “For McDonald's to achieve our goal of being the world's best quick service restaurant experience, we must have the best experience for all McDonald's employees. So we formalized our beliefs into our People Vision and our People Promise.” • “Our People Promise is how we remind our people what they can expect and how high our goal is: To be the best employer in each community around the world.”

  10. 3. Analysing “fast-food-communication”  different types of speech situations Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  11. 3.1 Employee – employee To the 1.5 million people who work at McDonald's in 119 countries around the world, and to all future employees, we want you to know that: We Value You, Your Growth and Your Contributions.This is our People Promise From the annual report 2002 of Germany: - 2,27 billion € annual net turnover • 69 new opened restaurants • 1.211 restaurants all over in Germany • 715 million customers within the year 2002 • about 47.000 crew fluctation within the year 2002 Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  12. 3.1 Employee – employee Who are the people which make McDonald's so successful? 1) Managers 75 % of the restaurants are owned by managers and franchisees, NOT by the McDonald's • corporation • training • control • career • Hamburger University Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  13. McDonald's Corporate Careers Hamburger University Hamburger University is McDonald's worldwide management training center located in Oak Brook, Illinois. Designed exclusively to instruct personnel employed by McDonald's Corporation or employed by McDonald's Independent Franchisees in the various aspects of the business. All training programs begin with one essential ingredient: The Basics of McDonald's Operations. Founded in 1961, Hamburger University's has come a long way since we opened our first training facility in the basement of a McDonald's restaurant in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

  14. 2) Workers - social class - dependence of wages more experienced workers the other crew members - 4 steps to train crew people: - prepare - present - try out - follow up - working at the window - 6 steps: - greet the customer - take the order - assemble the order - present the order - receive payment - thank the customer and ask for repeat business

  15. 3.2 Employee– customer Six Steps of Window Service 3 kinds of difficulties: - special orders - complaints aboput food - dispute about money Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  16. “The thing that’ s standard is the smile” Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  17. 3.2 Employee– customer (2) • Customer education • Children as consumer Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  18. 3.3 Customer – customer • Why is it necessary to have a look on family dinner conversation? • Different cultures, different habits • Different types of the eating process Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  19. 3.3 Customer – customer Features specific to table talk: • Replicability • Intentionality • Formality Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  20. 3.3 Customer – customer Functions: • Instrumental talk • Sociability • Socialization Specification • Co-narrative • Co-planning • Commenting • Other Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  21. 4. Localization: The same standards world-wide – – the same food world-wide – – the same talk? How do you say "Quarter Pounder" in German? Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  22. 4. Localization: (2) • Modified Menus and Local Sensitiveness: Mc Donald’s Adapts • But standardizition of philosophy  conflicts in communication ? e.g.: American smile Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  23. 5. Discussion • Do you choose McDonald’s abroad? • How do you talk in fast- food restaurants? • Do you deny going to fast- food restaurants and if so, why? Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

  24. 6. Bibliography • Brumark, Asa (2003), What do we do when we talk at dinner? A study of thefunctions of family dinner table conversation, Södertörns Högskola, working paper 2003:1, Huddinge 2003, Sweden • Keppler, Angela (1994), Tischgespräche: über Formen kommunikativer Vergemeinschaftungam Beispiel der Konversation in Familien, 1. Auflage, Suhrkamp-Taschenbuch Wissenschaft, Frankfurt am Main. • Montgomery, Martin (1995), An introduction to language and society, 2nd edition, Routledge, London. • Silverman, David (2001), Interpreting Qualitative Data, Methods for Analysing Talk, Textand Interaction, 2nd edition, Sage Publications, London. • Watson, James L. (1997), Golden Arches East, McDonald’s In East Asia, Stanford University Press, Stanford, California. • http://www.mcdonalds.com/countries/germany/index.html, 08.12.2003 • http://www.yum.com, homepage from the brands group (KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers, AW – All American Food, Taco Bell), 08.12.2003 • http://www.burgerking.com, 08.12.2003 • http://www.currywurst-online.de, 08.12.2003 Talk at ork, 09.12.2003

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