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Our Toys Then and Now PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Toys Then and Now

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Our Toys Then and Now

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Our Toys Then and Now

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  1. Our Toys Then and Now By Kathleen Anderson Berry Shoals Intermediate School 2003

  2. Play isimportant. Play helps children learn how to be in the world. Play is a child’s work. Toys are the tools.

  3. Children long ago played with toys a lot like the ones they play with today.

  4. This figure is called the Kouros. It is made of gold and ivory. It had crystal eyes, could move its legs, and could be stood on a display stand. The Kouros may be the oldest action figure in the world. It is a relic of Minoan Crete. It dates from about 1500 BCE, more than 3500 years ago!

  5. Many action figures today are plastic. They are not very valuable, but they are very durable, and many have moving parts.

  6. This toy is known as the Broighter Boat. It is made of solid gold. It was found in Ireland, and it is about 3000 years old. The boat is very simple, but it has everything it needs to function just like a real boat. It has a mast, a rudder, oars, seats and even a boathook.

  7. These Egyptian toys were found in a child’s tomb. She might have needed them in the afterlife. They were made about 2500 years ago. The cat is mechanical. It opens and closes its mouth. Parts of its legs move. The doll is made from rags, and it is stuffed with papyrus.

  8. These tiny terra cotta carts are from the Harappan period of ancient Mesopotamia, about 2300-2200 BCE. Similar carts are still used in rural areas of Pakistan, Iraq, and India.

  9. Here’s a more modern version of a toy just like the real thing! This is a 1957 tin Marx Fire Engine. It has a swiveling extension ladder that really works.

  10. This baby couldn’t make up his mind in 1929.

  11. Neither could this one 60 years later.

  12. Children have always enjoyed playing in the sand.

  13. Children are fascinated by vehicles. Vehicles give children a feeling of freedom and independence.

  14. Footpowered “Kiddie Car” c. 1900 Looks kind of like a tricycle, doesn’t it?

  15. Child’s scooter, 1920

  16. This young man drives a tractor, just like the big one his dad uses.

  17. Buying a car is a big decision!

  18. This little girl takes her stuffed animals for a ride. Someday, maybe she’ll be driving her children to their dance classes and ball practice..

  19. Boys having big fun in their foot-powered wagon.

  20. Electric trains became popular in the late 1800’s.

  21. Kids like to be heroes! It makes them feel powerful and important. Putting on a costume is like becoming someone else. It’s a chance to try on a different role.

  22. What is he thinking?

  23. Thank goodness for heroes who can save the town from bad guys!

  24. Wait! Don’t shoot the teacher!

  25. Cover me, Tonto!

  26. This young cowboy puts some finishing touches on his sister.

  27. Everyone likes to dress up! These kids have created a great parade. Maybe someday they will become Shriners.

  28. Girls like to play with dolls.

  29. Girls from every time and every culture have played with dolls. These young Nez Perces girls posed here with their dolls and miniature cradleboards. Why do you think girls everywhere like dolls?

  30. Very Old Dolls From Around the World

  31. These young mamas are “cooking” for their babies. Who wants a slice of mud pie?

  32. This baby carriage would have been the perfect way to take your doll for a walk in 1950.

  33. Chinese Rag Doll from California, 1930 Baby Doll with Bisque china head, 1920 Plains Indian beaded leather doll, 1880

  34. Cast Iron Toy Stove, 1880’s

  35. This little girl was playing with her toy stove in 1911. What similar toy do children still play with today?

  36. Here is a beautiful doll house from 1906.

  37. The inside of a doll house is just like a real house. The dolls can be arranged just like the real people in the family.

  38. Doll House furniture is made just like real furniture. It can be very expensive.

  39. Children are very proud of toys they are able to make by themselves. Building a model takes patience and a steady hand.

  40. This boy won a kite making contest at his school.

  41. These boys sailed their homemade sailboats in the fountain. Someday, they may build real ships.

  42. Children in ancient Egypt played team sports just as children do today.

  43. Little League team, about 1930.

  44. Players from the Mt. View Little League Team, 1998 What’s different?

  45. What kid doesn’t like a great playground?

  46. Old-fashioned swingers, 1911.

  47. This contraption is called a “Jungle Gym!” There was no mulch, only cement, so you didn’t want to fall!

  48. This is a rooftop playground. Playgrounds like this became popular in New York in the 1920’s.

  49. But Dad, I really need this toy! PLEASE!

  50. The inside of a toy store has always been exciting. When do you imagine this picture was taken?