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  1. Information about BIOTECH Biotechnology, or biotech for short, can be defined as the utilization of living organisms and systems to create products. Biotech can also be referred to as the technological usage of biological systems, organisms, or imitative of that, to modify or develop processes or products for a particular purpose. Biotechnology most often shares common ground with other fields like biomedical engineering, bioengineering, molecular engineering, biomanufacturing, etc. Or to define the term in nine simple words, biotechnology is technology that has its basis in biology. It is a broad term which encompasses the following: animal cell culture, microbiology, cytogenetic, molecular biology Biotech process has been in existence for thousands of years, and it shows no sign of slowing down soon. With the rising discovery and invention of new technological developments, the biotechnological process has served to improve or enhance our lives in many ways. Baking bread and cheese, as well as the preservation of dairy products, will not be possible today without biotechnological process. Gone are the days when the use of biotechnology was mainly focused on agriculture as well as the creation of fermented foods. Biotechnology is gradually taking over almost every sphere of life. There exists in the world today several rare and debilitating diseases which have defied the traditional methods of treatment, but thanks to biotechnology, such diseases are dwindling rapidly. For instance, biotechnology is useful in the treatment of cancer. To treat cancer successfully, scientists need to be knowledgeable about the origin of cancer as well as the different ways cancerous cells behave in unique environments. Scientists are always interested in finding out what boosts the growth of the tissue affected by cancer and what steps to take to reduce the growth. The information garnered from such a research will increase the chances of finding operative treatments for any cancer. The use of biotech in carrying out this study as well as the consequent enhancement of conceivable therapies cannot be taken lightly.

  2. One of the methods through which scientists get to study and understand cancers is via gene profiling. Through gene profiling, which is made possible through the use of biotechnology, scientists can identify people that carry specific forms of genes that raises the chances of such individuals of getting cancer during their lifetime. It is an important process for about five to ten cancer patients are born with genetic defects which make them susceptible to cancer throughout life. The use of biotech has also enabled scientists with the ability to culture cancer cells outside the human body and in plastic flasks. Since many genes behave differently in cancer cells, it is important to identify a gene which will subsequently be introduced to a cell line and its effect studied in cell culture. Finding the right therapy to treat cancer is important. You can get more information about finding the right treatment at