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Causes of Cancer PowerPoint Presentation
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Causes of Cancer

Causes of Cancer

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Causes of Cancer

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  1. CAUSES OF CANCER MELODY SANCHEZ 11/18/11 How to prevent these main cancers like tobacco addiction, breast cancer, and skin cancer

  2. PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT • The purpose of this project is about many types of cancer and how to avoid cancer. • I chose this project because I want to know the different types of cancer and how to avoid the cancer before we people could get cancer and take care of yourself.

  3. SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT • My project will show pictures and information about cancer and the way to avoid it. • This project will explain the main causes of cancer and how to avoid it.

  4. What are the most common causes of cancer? • When we grow we don’t pay attention of what is around us that could cause cancer. • One thing that some people are addicted to is tobacco an alcohol but they don’t know they could get cancer with it because they wont STOP doing it. • Other causes are sunlight, certain chemicals, viruses and bacteria, hormones, poor diet, lack of physical activity or being over weight.

  5. HOW TO AVOID CANCER? • The way people can avoid cancer is by doing the following steps. • One way do not smoke. • Another way is to protect yourself from the sun. • Another way is to eat healthy. • Another reason to limit red meat and animal fat. • Another way is to exercise. • Another way look for family medical history. • And also know what your being exposed to in your work.

  6. WHAT ARE THE MAIN CANCERS? • The main causes of cancer • Breast cancer • Skin weight cancer • Physical cancer Weight cancer Breast cancer Skin cancer

  7. IN MY COMMUNITY • This would help my community to know how many cancer are they. • Another thing would be how could avoid it before they could get any type of cancer. • And also they would know how they could get cancer and they could make sure that they could prevent those things that cause cancer.