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What Causes Cancer? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Causes Cancer?

What Causes Cancer?

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What Causes Cancer?

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  1. What Causes Cancer? By: Hayley Totten (Cancer Cell)

  2. Mutations In Genes • One cause of cancer is if there is multiple genetic mutations. • Sometimes people are already born with a mutation in their genes but they won’t necessarily get cancer they have a higher chance though this is known as, genetic predisposition. • Some things that might cause mutations in the DNA are radiation, chemicals, or viruses and bacteria which causes something to go wrong with the genes which could lead to cancer.

  3. Chemical Carcinogens • Carcinogen literally means something that causes cancer. • Carcinogens causes damage to DNA, causing errors in important genes that can lead to cancer. Some of the following could be carcinogens: • Tobacco • Car exhaust fumes and air pollution • The Sun • Natural and man-made radiation

  4. The Immune System • People who have problems with their immune systems are more likely to get cancer. • People who are more likely to get cancer because of problems with their immune systems include people who have had organ transplants and take drugs to overpower their immune systems to stop organ rejection, have HIV or AIDS, and are born with rare medical syndromes which affect their protection in their immune system.

  5. Weight, Diet, and Exercise • Cancer experts say that being a healthy weight, changing our diets, and exercising daily could prevent about one in three deaths from cancer • Eating less red meat and more fruits and vegetables could lessen your causes for cancer. • Drinking alcohol could also increase the risk for developing cancer.

  6. Daily Environment The following things most people encounter daily increase their risks for cancer • Tobacco Smoke • The Sun • Radiation- Natural and Man-Made • Work Place Hazards • Asbestos- chemical-resistant, mineral forms of impure magnesium silicate, used for fireproofing, electrical insulation, building materials, brake linings, and chemical filters.

  7. Viruses • Viruses can help to cause some cancers but these cancers cannot be caught like an infection. • Many people can be infected with a cancer causing virus, and never get cancer. The virus only causes cancer in certain situations.

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