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Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros.

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  1. Warner Bros. Lukinskaia Anastasiia

  2. How did the studio come about? Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate. The company was founded in 1923 by Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack L. Warner. This studio was one of the most successful on the market place before they diversifying into video games, animation and television. Right now Warner Bros. is one of the ‘Big Five’ major American film studios, and it’s also a member of the MPA.

  3. Where are they based? The headquarter of WB pictures is based in Burbank, California, USA. There are lots of pavilions (all of them are in the same area), so here is the direct address to the one of them: 4001 W Olive Ave, Burbank, CA 91505 They also have their studios in UK (London;Brighton), Switzerland (Zürich), Sweden (Stockholm), Spain (Madrid), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Mexico (Mexico City), Japan, Italy (Milan), Germany (Munich;Hamburg;Cologne), Hong Kong, France (Paris), China (Beijing), Brazil (Sāo Paulo), Belgium (Antwerp), Australia (Sydney) and USA (Troy,NY;Washington,DC;San Francisco,CA;Salt Lake City,UT;Philadelphia,PA;New York,NY;Needham,MA;Los Angeles,CA;Kirkland,WA;Chicago,IL;Bentonville,AR;Burbank,CA)

  4. Who owns the company? The first owners were Warner brothers. They were owning the company until 1967, when Jack decided to sold the company to ‘Seven Arts Productions’ for $78millions. It was renamed to ‘Warner Bros. — Seven Arts’. 2 years later it was sold again to Kinney National Company (the company got back its original name). Few years later, the WB company has bought the video-games company ‘Atari’ and the Six Flags theme parks. After that it was renamed to ‘Warner Communications’. In 2001 ‘Time Warner Inc.’ was acquired by AOL, changing the name of the new division to AOL Time Warner Inc., but due to the sharp income in 2002 the "AOL" disappears from the company name. In 2008 the WB has bought the ‘New Line Cinema’.

  5. How long has it been running for? An interesting fact, all Warner brothers as young children emigrated with their parents to Canada from Krasnosielc, Congress Poland which become a part of the Russian Empire:) The first Warner Bros. studio was opened in 1918 on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. In the beginning Sam and Jack L. were doing all the creative part of work and Albert and Harry were engaged in finances. A little bit later they formally became a Warner Brothers Production. In 1928 the Warner Bros. pictures had released the first all-talking feature and a little bit later (1929) they have also released the first full color film. The studio was also well known as the ‘gangster studio’, because of its many films about gangsters. In 1935 other studios quickly overshadowed the prestige of the WB, however, in the late 1930s, Bette Davis became the studio's top draw and was even dubbed as 'The Fifth Warner Brother’.

  6. How long has it been running for? In course of time, the WB studio start to create movies, engage in television and then the studio launched Warner Bros. Records. From 2006, Warner Bros. operated a joint venture with China Film Group Corporation and HG to form Warner China Film HG to produce films in Hong Kong and China. Also, Warner Bros. played a large part in the discontinuation of the HD DVD format: in 2008, Warner Bros. announced that they would drop support of HD/DVD. The WB Media have two of the worldwide highest-grossing film series: ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Batman’.

  7. What are the institutions biggest box office successes? 1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II ($1,334,392,544) 2. Aquaman ($1,143,966,520) 3. The Dark Knight Rises ($1,082,228,107) 4. Joker ($1,072,556,671) 5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ($1,017,003,568)

  8. What was the budget of the studios top 3 highest grossing films last year? 1. 2. 3. ‘Joker’-$55-70 million ‘IT: chapter two’-$79 million ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’-$150 million

  9. Films in production, preproduction and post-production. I’il list 3 latest releases from each category. Production 1. Superintelligence (action, comedy; 26.11.2020) 2. Let Them All Talk (comedy; 10.12.2020) 3. Wonder Woman 1984 (superhero film; 25.12.2020) Preproduction 1. Don’t Worry Darling (thriller, psychological) 2. Malignat (horror) 3. Mortal Kombat (fantasy, action) Post-production 1. The Heist Of The Century (thriller, comedy; 16.01.2020) 2. Birds of Prey (superhero film; 07.02.2020) 3. The Way Back (drama; 06.03.2020)

  10. Here is the link to the full list of their films for 2020-2029:–2029)